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September 19/11.

Since starting this blog, I think this is the longest I've gone without writing! Gak. Don't know if that radio report on Friday tore out part of my soul, or whether I'm just zonked these days.

Whatever. It was a pretty wild weekend. Not that I was over-worked and underpaid, but just busier than a one-armed paper-hanger. (stupid old joke).

On the GOOD side, my "Rough Trade" cuz, Kevio, FINALLY got his cast cut off! He had to "vacate" Bridgepoint for a few hours by ambulance at 7 a.m.!!, go to Mount Sinai Hospital, and then wait an hour or so for cast-cutting and x-rays.

Kevan with me, (his slightly over-exuberant cuz)!!

When I showed up at his rehab room later, as I do every day, and saw the cast gone, I INSISTED on doing a few auto-pics (since it's a MAJOR milestone)!! Had to photoshop this one, because, well, hmmmmmmmm, was showing TOO MUCH LEG!! (HIS? MINE? I'll never TELL!) I just tossed the digi-cam up on his dinner tray table, hopped onto Kev's bed, and, snap! - LOL! (sorry Marilyn!) All in good fun! I mean, I didn't want his 79-year-old roommate,

LEO, to have to bounce out of bed, celebrate and crack another bone before he's even HEALED! - SO I DID!!!

Kev's castless feet!! - Yippee! FYI - Kevan says the flesh-toned sock/bandages are very soft and comfy and keep his legs warm! He is SOOOOOOOO happy to be rid of the cast!!

However, Kev still can't WALK. He's not allowed to put ANY weight on his feet, for at least a few more weeks. He needs to use his wheelchair to get around everywhere, and is doing great! Leo yelled to Kev, "Show her yer boots!"

So, Kev yanked up what he calls his "moon-walking boots", which he wears whenever he leaves the building, just to protect his bones!! Such a drag. He says they are ridiculously heavy and he hopes to be able to go bootless in the very near future!!

Kevio told me he was a tad freaked, since the young woman doing the cast cutting was a newbie, unsure of using the electric saw! Yikes! WTF? Kev was worried he might lose a limb altogether! But, thankfully, he survived!!

The weekend continued with lots of work at home, with breaks to enjoy my kids -

Max, here with his adorable girlfriend, Robyn,

My daughter, Kate and her boyfriend, Damian, were also hanging out at the house. I love it when the place is filled with kids, laughter and music!

Meanwhile, in my constant crappy photographic experiments, I keep TRYING to get ONE decent shot in front of the cityscape on Broadview Avenue. You'd THINK with such an excellent background, it would be EASY, but NOOOOOOOO! So far, I haven't taken a SINGLE shot I've been happy with, but will continue to work on it! One of these days!

Lousy lighting. Building growing out of my head.

As for THIS one, great sky! (but nothing else!) Ai yi yi.

Max went to Steve's Music Store (one of his fave places) to buy a new xylophone to practice for school band.

His Gramma (my Mum) would be so very happy to know he used some of the money she left him to purchase an instrument to further his musical career. Nothing made Mum happier than music!!

After a successful Tafelmusik tour in Montreal, Carrie got home and was able to pay a visit to Kev (whom she adores as much as I DO!)

THIS time, SHE delivered the Henkell for dinner, had a great chat, and then, came to OUR place for dinner (and ya, I actually "cooked" - sort of)

and Cayr played Max's new xylophone, (BONK!!)- impressing the heck out of ALL of us, since we had never seen her play one before! She did a great rendition of Chopsticks!! Carrie can do ANYTHING!!

As day turned to night, the racoonies gathered on the back deck. Carrie tried to photograph them, (not an easy task), and ended up with some funny pics!

And even caught a shot of our cat, Tru, (below),

in raccoon mode!

During the raccoon hijinks, Damian was upstairs, assembling IKEA dressers in Kate and Max's bedrooms!

He offered, we accepted and he did a fabulous job!!

So, after many weeks,

of clothing on the floor, due to broken dressers,

all of this, can FINALLY go back into dresser drawers! A miracle! Can't thank you enough Damian!

On Sunday, not only did I get to visit Kevio with Henkell piccolos in time for dinner at Bridgepoint, (to jazzify his bland rehab menu), but my old high school pal, Dean Rogers, invited me out for tea on the Danforth.

Had a great time hearing about his four days in Curacao. After all the months of looking after his Mum, (followed by her passing), he was sure up for a few days off. While in Second Cup, Dean showed me photos from his own album as well as from the local magazine, simply called Curacao.

Dean brought me a couple of gifts,

including a cute little bottle of Curacao, (liqueur made with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit - orange-flavoured), plus a pretty print I can hang up or have framed.

Dean took a shot of me on the Danforth after tea.

Then, a man named Matthew McMahon, driving a motorized wheelchair, asked if we'd like a shot taken of the two of us together. He lives in the building that houses the Second Cup and is quite the photographer. He showed us his amazing mini video-cam (now I want to OWN one!), and then took this pic. (since posting this blog entry, he has FB messaged me to become "official friends" and says, I can be a guest at Second Cup, anytime!) Thanks Matthew! SO happy to have met you. Dean and I LOVE the pic you took! GREAT making new friends. Second Cup is blocks from my house, so will see you again soon, I am sure!!! Maybe you can help me with my useless photography skills! I keep trying!!

Lain & Dean!

It was such a beautiful sunny day! Stopped by Withrow Park at the end of our street to check out the new fencing built around the off-leash area for dogs!

Kinda cool! Not being a dog owner, I'm not sure how people feel about it!

I tried to watch some of The Emmys on Sunday night, but kept getting interrupted by laundry, dishwasher and dinner bells, cat calls, phone calls, you name it. Doesn't matter. I PVR'd it, but I've kinda lost track of a lot of the TV shows anyway. Will have to get caught up again when all the premieres start up in the next few weeks. Can't wait for the return of SNL this coming Saturday!!!!!!!! And the season premiere of HOUSE is set for October 3rd!

Hugh Laurie! I'm waiting for you!!

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