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September 21/11.

Anyone need to rent-a-wreck? Have wreck, will travel! It's all here - all the time.

How to explain? Let's see. I think my husband is ready to walk, as I am a prime candidate for Hoarders! Don't believe it? Hmmmmmm. Lemme SHOW you!

Here's an attempted peek at my "office".

Would show you MORE, (if I could get in the door). Hardly a path to crawl from one side to the other. All comes from 25 years as a diehard entertainment reporter and refusing to part with ANYTHING! (no, there are NO empty food take-out containers like you see on Hoarders!!!) - just TONS of movie/TV star files, articles, letters, photos, VHS video tapes, DVDs, books, gift bags/wrapping/tissue paper/greeting cards galore, (as I LOVE giving prezzies to friends and family), and on & on. Has been a big dream of mine to get this office cleared out and one day, maybe make it look "organized"! Will it EVER happen? Stay tuned to upcoming episodes of "Trials and Tribulations" for updates!

Have lived in this amazing house for 20 years. GREAT, incredibly weird, wild, creaky, old, Riverdale home - (built exactly 100 years ago - in 1911!)

But the longer we stay, the more interests we have (all four of us here), and the crazier it gets! Add to it, the death of my Mum and breast cancer for me, and the house is, uh, - take it Reege!

"OUTTA con-TROL!!!"

Our place is kinda like The Addams Family mansion.

The den? - Yep, you got it, outta control!

Diningroom table?

The same!


Yikes! Egad!

MY side of the bedroom?

Ai Carumba!!

A Rogers cable TV guy arrived the other night, (an hour before the season premiere of Two and a Half Men),

to ATTEMPT to find a basement cable outlet so we could FINALLY hook up a television set for the kids down there. (insert goofy music here!)

I predicted (bet?) Sam, it would NOT be "findable." It wasn't. We have NO basement lights, so the Rogers man had only one option left to him, which was to wear a miner's light embedded in a helmet! I SO wanted a blog op, but it was not to be. In the end, the Rogers man just gave up and created a NEW cable outlet!!

Hilarious. (I THINK I won the bet, whatever it was).

Well, my HOUSE may look a mess, but I WON'T leave the place without super- clean hair, lots of makeup and some kind of outfit I like. House score? Zero. My own? Up for debate. Went off to visit Kevio at Bridgepoint, bring him some sparkly Henkell for his rehab dinner, ran into him in the courtyard.

Today? I saw him wearing the "moon boots" for the first time. Are they massive, or what?? He hates them.

And yet, there is he, smiling, easy-going as ever.

I guess he knows, (or maybe not), that every night, when I leave, say goodbye and see him there, I shed a tear. I don't WANT him to have to stay at this place! (cut out my tears in the pic here!)

See ya soon Kev! Hang in there!

(my HOUSE is a friggin' disastrous mess, but my feelings for YOU are crystal clear! And maybe, in the long run, that's all that really counts).

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At September 21, 2011 at 7:17 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't cook, you don't clean - you're my kind of girl Lainey!

At September 21, 2011 at 8:06 a.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Thanks! But not sure everyone would agree!


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