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September blues

August 31/11.

Summertime is slipping away. I don't want things to go back to "normal" - (whatever that is). From the time I was about 7, the day after Labour Day was always my least favourite day of the year. I was petrified of it. Couldn't STAND the thought of walking into a new classroom, with new kids, teachers and all kinds of things I had no clue about. I cried hysterically, every Labour Day Monday night, (after the Jerry Lewis telethon), begging Mum not to make me go back, until one day, at a complete loss of what to do with me, she told me, "There comes a time for courage." (sadly, that philosophy didn't help me a bit, but I always remembered she TRIED!!) - By the way, - EVERYTHING changed when I went to Seneca College! After that, couldn't WAIT to get to class!! Our professor, (the late, great) Mike Monty, ruled and changed ALL our lives!

The junkman cometh on Friday morning at 10, so, decided to do what Auntie Ray always suggests, which is, "Start where you stand." Pick a place, and start cleaning it up. Had to choose the basement, since that's where the junk men will arrive to start packing their truck. Only costs a "mere" $450, (IF you have a full van, which may or may not happen. Guessing yes, but we'll see!)

After the infamous "Hidey hole" experience, Carrie & I are determined to get our OWN places cleaned out so OUR kids don't have so much to deal with as WE did, in the future!! (and hopefully, the dark, DISTANT and murky future!! - Line from a Dudley Moore movie we love).

(Does it look like we enjoy Pickle Barrel? - Actually, we only order from them about once a year for a family gathering, but the boxes are so handy to have around!)

Found all kinds of wild dress-up box clothing and hats in the basement.
Had to try them on, of course!

Wicked witch of the west?

Flapper cap?

As a baby, this was Kate's denim hat!

In the midst of all the basement cleanout "excitement", the mailman came by with a package. Turned out, Sam ordered me all six seasons of House (my favourite TV show) on DVD! What a complete surprise!! And Kate had already given me Hugh Laurie's new Blues CD, so I am expecting to be Hugh-Lauried out very soon! Yay!

Things are suddenly looking UP!!

Got SOME of the stuff from the basement into my car,

and over to Value Village!

Some of Kate's Barbie dolls will now be inherited by someone else!!

Didn't make it over to see Kevan, because this was the big transition day from hospital to rehab in Riverdale!

Kev wasn't thrilled to find out Bridgepoint doesn't have WiFi, but thinks he can make it to the corner library or coffee shop in his wheelchair to get computer-connected so he can work on his music.

Will see you Thursday Kevio, with bagel & schmeer! Love you!
P.S. - September 1st is Kev/Mar's 28th wedding anniversary! Kevan wants to try to get to a restaurant on the Danforth for a celebration, despite broken ankles. And, I'm invited to join them. We shall see what transpires! Cheers everyone!!

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