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August 10/11.

Sometimes it's tough to justify taking a "day off." (I know, - EVERYONE can relate to this statement, right?? - No one, even Donald Trump, is free of restrictions/obligations/responsibilites)! - Like, dragging out PILES of garbage, which I did at 8 a.m.

"LAIN!! I DEMAND that you take a day OFFFFFFF!"

But I'm not talking about Donald Trump, or anybody else. Only me! Seems, for so long, I've been living by schedules, appointments, doing what HAD TO BE done. - How about what I WANT to do?? (whatever THAT is!!)

So, today was the day.

Relax, try to take care of my burn, go for a ride in my new Subaru, visit a friend, check out my Princess Margaret Hospital t-shirt, (which I haven't worn yet!), but LOVE!! -

Read an inspiring story in a book I bought at the Princess Margaret Hospital gift shop, a few weeks ago, - (for $3.98!!)

Watch a DVD episode of House, (Season 3), bought for me by my kids,

(bring it ON Hugh Laurie!!)

Look at the new pocketbook I picked up to take to Fern Resort next week,

(don't even know WHY I chose it, - just looked interesting from the description),

And then, later, when I got home,

Got a special gift from my husband, Sam! A GPS navigator for my new car!!

AWESOME!! Could it BE, that I won't get lost anymore! (doubt it, but you're welcome to TRY GPS woman!!)

And, in between, on this "day off," - finished laundry, put away dishes from the dishwasher, shopped, did banking, made dinner (only for me, since everybody else went out!!), made up beds, fed the cat, changed the litter box, (delightful task), and yep, had a vanilla shower.

Can't really think of ANY reason I should be justified to take a day for myself, but did it anyway!! Life is too SHORT!!! - and ONE OF THESE days, don't want it to be all over before it's too late!!!!

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At August 11, 2011 at 8:05 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day Lainey. You deserve it babe! I'm sure that GPS will come in very handy when you venture out of the downtown core.


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