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Old friends

July 23/11.

Friendship has always been HUGE with me. My favourite song in the world is You've Got A Friend. (I know it's written by Carole King, but most of my life, I've loved the James Taylor version better than anything). That voice of his, the sweetness, tenderness, beautiful guitar work, his face, hair, killer eyes, - everything hits you directly in the heart. And those lyrics..."Close your eyes, and think of me, and soon I will be there." Sigh. Love it SO much. This is a stunning take. (except for the end, when it cuts off abruptly...hate that!!!!!!!!!!!)

I didn't know WHAT I would write about today. The "Hidey Hole" experience is history. Radiation is on hiatus till Monday. So WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??

But then, I realized, I have the most important thing to write about this day, and that is friendship. Woke up...(well, not exactly. Barely slept at all. GOT up, after NO rest for the wicked), did the whole shower, hair, makeup routine and walked down the street to Withrow Park for the weekly farmer's market, (which I've never attended in all the years we've lived in this neighbourhood!)

My old high school friend, Dean Rogers, invited me to join him at the market to get some goodies. I met him there, and was very surprised when he handed me a gift in a brown paper bag! It contained some Body Shop vanilla-scented cream products, (after he read on the blog that I'm addicted to vanilla)! Dean is amazing. I once wrote here that he is a man who makes things happen! He did today, and will again on Sunday night, as he has invited me, my daughter, Kate and her boyfriend, Damian, to join him for a night of standup comedy at the Absolute Comedy club. Can't wait!
(laughter is the best medicine, right??)

On top of Dean's gift, I also received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my sister-in-law, Jan and her husband, Arlen, in Ottawa. The card was one of encouragement, saying that I was almost done with treatments and wishing me well with the last few hospital visits. Very kind of them, and the flowers grace my table perfectly! (Thank You Jan & Arlen!)

And lastly, my close friend, Joanne Silver, from Los Angeles, arrived in town for a summer holiday and gave me a lovely glass bowl she MADE. So, here's my diningroom table, covered in gifts from great friends!!!!!!

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot out, but Dean took a shot of me, and I tried not to melt! (lol) - Quick! Somebody hand me a fan! Whew, it was baking at Withrow Park!

I ended up really enjoying the market and bought fresh green beans for tonight's dinner, fresh bread and some speciality cheese. (everything turned out to be delish!!) We invited Joanne, her sister, Val and her husband, Dan, to come for a barbeque dinner. We all went out shopping together on the Danforth, which was so much fun. I almost always go shopping alone, and forgot what it was like to shop with friends! Lots of laughs. We bought salmon at the fish store and everything else at Sun Valley, best specialty grocery store in the area. Got lamb skewers, burgers, salad makings, strawberries, raspberries, icecream and lemon tarts!

Everyone helped out in the kitchen to prepare the dinner. It so reminded me of that great cooking scene in The Big Chill where everyone hangs out together, creating a feast. Can't BELIEVE how much easier it is to make a meal when you have so much help and laughter! Thanks you guys!

We spent some time together out in the sunshine on the back deck, while Dan, master barbequer of the universe, prepared the salmon, skewers and burgers for everyone.

But then, it started to pour rain, and Dan had to flip with one hand while holding an umbrella in the other! (Nothing like being invited to dinner and then have to spend your evening working!) But Dan has always been so easy going about these things and he barbeques brilliantly!

Dinner is served! Kate, Damian and Sam joined us at the table. What a great feast and fabulous group!

Later, Max came home with his girlfriend, Robyn, and then, Kate & Max performed a couple of tunes for us - Lucky (Jason Mraz) and The Beatles' I Should Have Known Better. I have talented kids.

Valerie, Dan, Joanne, - plus ME!
All in all, I loved the whole day from beginning to end. It's been a pretty stressful, crazy and nerve-wracking time for me lately, but just looking at this picture makes me smile because I can see how COMPLETELY comfortable and happy I am. This is the me I long to be every day, laughing, calm, barefoot, relaxed, hanging out with my lifelong pals. They're incredible! I have to remember, "When you're down & troubled, - You've Got a Friend!" Thanks for everything gang! Love you!

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