Lain's Log

The unknown

March 17/11

After learning of my fear, especially fear of the unknown, several friends and family members have tried to help me through it.

My old pal, TV writer Bill Brioux says "Be strong, kick ass, feel the support."

I looked back at old notes which came from my late Uncle Ev, who was faced with so many surgeries and setbacks. His advice was, "Look into yourself and find your own coping mechanism. Whatever works."

After speaking with my sister about "the meaning of life," we both came to the conclusion that what's most important is the people. Those who are your family and friends. The ones you care about and who care about you.

Cashmere, velvet, bandanas & fedoras, baby!

I've decided, at least today, that MY "coping mechanism" HAS to be my kids, Kate and Max. I HAVE to see the directions they go and the way their lives turn out and be there to watch it all happen. They're the reason I've got to kick ass.

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