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March 15/11

Thrilled to know that the surgeon I chose and requested to see is able to meet with me On March 21st. The horrible feeling of living in fear is very much relieved by having Dr. David McCready heading "my team." Several friends have told me they "got goosebumps" upon hearing the truly twisted tale of how Kevin Shea and Bobby Sherman may have somehow "led" to this turn of events.

One pal said, "The universe really seems to be aligned for you now, (and no, I haven't smoked anything!), but it's truly incredible how everything is just falling into place so beautifully."

Kevin Shea himself told me, "These networks work in mysterious ways. Who would have thought, that me pitching Global TV stories about Weird Al, might eventually help your health? Be confident. You truly are in the best hands."

Interviewing Weird Al

Another friend kindly commented, "You have certainly contributed more than your share of goodwill throughout your life and hopefully, this will be some kind of reward."

Even my husband, Sam, (who may be somewhat biased!), believes this MUST be karma. He feels since I've tried to be good to others as often as possible, that, "Whatever goes around, comes around." In fact, he's gone so far as to say, "I'd better start being nicer to people!" Made me laugh.

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