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March 12/11

Have purchased Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book. HUGE book, which people have told me is the "Bible" for those who have just been diagnosed. I've got the 5th edition (the latest) and am starting to read everything I can. Have also received all kinds of advice about becoming proactive. People say change your diet, (even after cancer has already been detected). Eat mushrooms, broccoli, sprouts, pomegranates, cut out sugar, take Vitamin D and on and on. I will do my best to try and eat right, get back to the vitamin regimen, drink water, sleep well (which isn't easy)

Spoke to one amazing woman, the wife of a good friend of mine, who survived a very bad bout with cancer. It's been six years since her surgery. She knows I want to hear the unvarnished truth, without the candy-coating, so gave it to me straight, (as they say in the movies). She told me, not only about the surgery (mastectomy) and treatment, but also about the debilitating mental anguish, which often goes untreated. At times, she said, she felt her life was over. She lost her hair due to chemo, suffered terrible nausea and vomiting, lost sensations in parts of her body, tried art therapy as a way of coping (and sometimes, all she could paint was black), investigated traditional Chinese treatments and joined various support groups. She was kind to spend so much time on the phone with me, discussing her experience. I know (and am happy), that others have had more positive experiences, but in researching and learning, I prefer to hear it ALL, (the good, the bad and the ugly), and avoid surprises.



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