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March 8/11

Biopsied breast SO bruised now. A week later, yikes.
Not a word yet from anyone re: results. Freaked when I saw a letter in the mailbox from the lab. Ripped it open, only to find it was another request to make my mammogram appointment! (thanks guys, duh, already did it. Winning!)

Finally couldn't stand the wait. Called the lab myself. Believe it or not, they said they HAVE the results, but hadn't faxed them to my GP yet! What the hell? Come ON! A nice woman at the lab said she would fax them right away. Yay! Called the doctor's office to alert them the results were on the way and that I want to come in to find out what they are. Secretary said OK. Later, hopped in the car, drove to the GP's office. Had to wait quite a while, since I had no official appointment. The secretary told me the doctor had already seen the results. Heart racing now. Called Sam's office and told him I should have the results very soon. Called Carrie too.

When I was finally seen, the doc tells me, yes, I have the results for the mammogram and ultrasound! What the f***?? I already KNOW these results! I came here to get the results of the BIOPSY! The secretary tells me, "We don't have those yet." I said, "But the lab told me they faxed them to you." Then the doc says, "Well maybe YOU could call them again!" (Guess it's pretty much do-it-yourself" when it comes to results these days).

Called the lab again, spoke to the woman who said she faxed the results. She checked and then apologized, saying she had only faxed the mammogram and ultrasound results - not the pathology report. The office manager came on the line and told me they have the results for EVERYONE else who had their biopsy done on March 1st, EXCEPT mine. She said she would ask the doc who did the biopsy to call the pathologist in the morning to get the results for me. Called Sam and Carrie back to tell them no go - ANOTHER day of no news and living in fear. Never a damn dull moment, as usual.


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