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March 14/11

Sometimes some pretty strange things happen. Things, that seem can only point to a weird intervention or karma. After "the Bobby Sherman experience" yesterday, I decided to post about it on my Facebook status. Didn't say a word about my health issues, but only that my best friend, Franelle, had arranged for our old teen idol, Bobby Sherman, to call me on the phone on the 41-year anniversary of having first met him together at the Toronto airport back on March 13, 1970.

Immediately after posting this, a message came up saying, Kevin Shea likes your status. I thought, wow! I haven't spoken with Kevin Shea in eons! He was a record rep back in the days when I was interviewing tons of musical artists, like Weird Al Yankovic! I wondered what Kevin is doing now and clicked on to his FB page.

At this point, my referral letter to the esteemed Princess Margaret Hospital oncologist, Dr. David McCready, had been faxed to him by my GP, but I hadn't heard anything back about an appointment. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to GET a consult with him, as he's in such high demand.

Once landing on Kevin Shea's page, I was astounded to discover (drum roll please!) that he now works as manager of Public Relations for the Princess Margaret Foundation! Coincidence? I think not. Decided to send him a pop-up message. He was surprised to hear from me too. I asked if I could call him and he said yes. Ten seconds later, I was on the phone with him.

Turns out, after his father passed away three years ago, Kevin decided, though being a music rep was great fun, perhaps he should be doing something with more meaning and fired off a resume to the Princess Margaret Hospital. Weeks later, despite his lack of experience in the medical area, he was hired!

Then, I told him my own situation, that I've been diagnosed with breast cancer and was planning on going to, "the best breast surgeon in Toronto." He responded, "Dr. David McCready." Yep. He was extremely sympathetic and asked if there was anything he could do? I said I had no idea WHAT he could do, but I just found it incredibly bizarre that after posting my "Bobby status", then seeing his response and checking his page, he turns out to work for the Princess Margaret Foundation! Twilight Zone time. Told him I'm still hoping to hear from Dr. McCready's office with a consult date.

Kevin offered to give me two names to contact and to use his name, if I thought it might help. My late Mum always believed, "God speaks through people," so decided to follow up.

Right after hanging up from Kevin, I sent email messages to the two people he suggested and hit send. Four minutes later, got a response from one of them, telling me they're just waiting for the doctor to triage the referral and I should hear from his office soon.

The next day, I was called with a date for my consult on March 21st!

I have NO clue if my email messages, Kevin Shea or even Bobby Sherman for that matter, had anything to do with this turn of events! I choose to believe that they did, and I thank Kevin for his kindness.

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