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Bobby Sherman!

March 13/11

Today marks the 41-year anniversary of the day I met my best friends, Franelle, Joanne and Valerie Silver. It happened at the Toronto airport on March 13th, 1970, when we were teeny boppers awaiting the arrival of our idol, Bobby Sherman. He was coming to town to perform concerts at the O'Keefe Centre (as it was called way back then!) If it hadn't been for Bobby, these three unbelievable women would never have entered my life and THAT is something I can't even fathom. The crazy things we've done together over the decades are unforgettable and I love those girls.

I decided to call and email them, as I always do, every March 13th. Hadn't spoken to Franelle in quite a while, and this time, had to break the news about my breast cancer. She was great about the whole thing, just as you'd expect your best friend to be. Franelle is always loaded with suggestions and ideas. Naturally, we talked a little about Bobby and what he's up to now. He became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who volunteers with the Los Angeles Police Department. He works with paramedics and gives CPR and first aid classes.

After our chat, I felt much better and decided to go out to buy a few groceries. Was only gone for about 10 minutes and was just pulling up in front of my house when my cell phone rang. It was my son Max. He said, "Mum! Mum! BOBBY SHERMAN just called!!!"
I shrieked and burst out laughing, realizing that sneaky Franelle must have arranged the call. WHY did I go out? I missed him! But when I got inside, I discovered he'd left a fabulous message.

Franelle told him about my health issues and he immediately agreed to call. I know his voice SO well after a lifetime of listening to it. (and interviewing him several times over the years). He sent me his best wishes and love, called me darlin', and told me, "You will overcome!"

I called him back (from the call display number) and got his machine. The message I left started off fine - I was calm, cool and collected, thanking him for the call. But as I tried to tell him what it meant to me, I completely lost it, choking up and sputtering through tears. I was 14 again! I ended the call with Bobby's own famous words, "Peace & Love Babe!" When I hung up, my husband said, "Now he'll NEVER call you back!" I just laughed. Not true. Bobby has heard crying girls in person AND on the phone for many years. He's used to it. Don't you think that was about the sweetest thing for your teen idol to do? (not to mention, what it means to have a friend like Franelle who would arrange that for me!)

How was I to know that Bobby's special phone call would lead to a very unusual event the next day?

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