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March 9/11

Kate posted a quote from Charlie Sheen on Facebook.

Interviewer: "How do you plan on winning that war?"
Charlie: "With zeal. And focus. And violent hatred."

Somehow made sense to me. Maybe I need zeal, focus and violent hatred to win this "war with cancer". (if that's what it is). Going into reporter mode, I decided I am going to GET these results TODAY, come hell or high water!

Got a call from the office manager at the biopsy lab telling me the pathologist, Dr. Kulkarni, had called my GP and given her "a verbal" of my results. I was thrilled. Got all ready to return to the doc's office for a second time to find out the news. As I was about to leave, got a call from the GP's secretary saying the doctor CAN'T give me the results because she only has a VERBAL, not a WRITTEN report. I practically lost it, but said I was going to GET that written report to her SOMEHOW! She seemed skeptical.

Rushed to the computer, tried to locate the name of the lab where the pathology report was being held. I knew it was Gamma something. Finally found it - Gamma Dyna. Called the 1-800 number in Brampton. Got an unknown woman who amazingly KNEW Dr. Kulkarni (pathologist) and told me this doc had already spoken to my GP by phone. I said, "I KNOW, but the doctor won't give me the results because she only has a VERBAL, not the WRITTEN copy". The woman told me the pathologist wouldn't be into the lab till the next day so I would have to wait. - Sorry, not going to!

Called the biopsy lab back and spoke to the office manager. She told me I would NOT be able to reach the pathologist because she was working out of some other hospital that day (Humber River Regional) and I couldn't contact her. I suddenly felt I was channeling Pierre Trudeau. "Just watch me!" The more someone tells me I can't do something, the more I want to do it!

Got the correct spelling of Dr. Kulkarni, Googled the hospital, got a recorded message, tried about seven times to locate a message machine for this pathologist, but no luck. Then, suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, I heard a tiny, quiet woman's voice say, "Hello?" I said, "Dr. Kulkarni?" She replied,"Yes?" I just about passed out. Felt like Bob Woodward digging for information during Watergate. (FYI - All the President's Men - my favourite movie of all time!)

I apologized for bothering her, but said I knew she'd spoken to my doctor that morning to give her my test results. She instantly remembered the case and asked WHY couldn't I get the results? I explained my doctor needs the WRITTEN report before I can get them. I told her I was in a state of high anxiety and could she please help me? Miraculously, she answered, "I understand how you're feeling. I will call my secretary right away and ask her to fax those results to your GP immediately." YES!! Success! Winning!

Called the poor secretary at my GP's office again and told her the biopsy test results are being faxed NOW and to let me know when I could come in THAT DAY to get them. Then called the biopsy lab to speak to the office manager again (I guess, to gloat), and to tell her I HAD reached Dr. Kulkarni at Humber River Regional and that she personally took it upon herself to get my results faxed. The office manager seemed astounded and congratulated me.

Finally, at 4:40 p.m., I got a call from the GP's office saying they HAVE the results and I could come in for the last appointment of the day at 5. Rushed out, it was snowing like crazy, brushed off the car and drove to the office exactly by 5, but there were still three more people ahead of me! Breathe, breathe. Called Sam. Called Carrie. Once again, told them I'm waiting for results, this time, all alone.



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