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One giant step

March 20/11

The big appointment with Dr. David McCready at Princess Margaret Hospital is tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. I can barely breathe I'm so scared. Fear is not my forte. Never has been. I'm so frightened right now that even the thought of walking into this man's office makes me want to run the other way, but I know I can't. I've never fainted in my life, but at the moment, feel like buying stock in smelling salts. My heart is racing so fast. (now I'm starting to sound like my late Mum, who always suffered from palpitations!)

The "home team" - Kate, Sam, Max and me!

To take my mind off everything, Sam, Max and I decided to attend Kate's solo concert at the Tarragon Theatre tonight. She's performing there as part of the Paprika Festival. Turned out to be one of the best concerts she's ever done! Mostly her own music, plus a few covers thrown in, including her great version of Drake's Best I Ever Had, plus her take on Rebecca Black's hilarious Friday. She just did SUCH a great job! And the crowd was terrific. (thanks to sister Carrie for coming to support her and to all Kate's friends!)

Just as we left the concert together, my sister, Carrie, gave me a tiny card and wished me good luck on Monday. I read it in the car. It said:
"Lain, I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Keep me posted. Call anytime! I thought the flowers on the front of this card looked like breasts! (and that's what we're thinkin' about here!) Love you. Use the strength and courage I know you have! Good luck Jim! Love, Carrie."

Carrie - best sister on the planet

Note: The "Jim" reference goes way back to Mission Impossible. Whenever that announcer guy on the tape machine said to Jim Phelps, "Should you decide to accept this mission," etc., he always ended it with, "Good luck Jim!" We stole that line and have used it pretty much daily ever since!

Peter Graves as "Jim Phelps" - Mission Impossible - "Good luck, Jim!"

Later in the evening, when we got back from the concert, my cousins, Kevan, Marilyn, Sacha, her boyfriend, Mark and my Auntie Ray called me and put me on speaker phone. They were all having dinner together and wanted to wish me well with the Dr. McCready consult tomorrow. Naturally, I was in tears. I have such a kind and supportive family. We've been through so much together over the past five months, with the death of Uncle Ev (Kevan's father/Auntie Ray's husband), and my Mum (Auntie Ray's sister, Kevan's Aunt). I've learned that my family is small but mighty. Hear us roar. (take THAT Cowardly Lion!)

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