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March 19/11

Other people's blogs inspired me to want to do one of my own. I'd been keeping a journal of everything that went on from the day I discovered a lump on February 4th, but didn't actually think of putting the blog together until March 19th. (all the past entries were composed after-the-fact, from my notes, scribbles, emails and journal). It's been kind of weird working "backwards."

I wasn't sure it was a good idea. Why should I do one? Do I have anything useful to say? Could it help anyone else? Will it help ME? When I mentioned to a few friends and relatives I was considering this blog idea, I was happy to receive some good feedback from people who liked the concept.

Others questioned going public with all of this, asking if I really want to put it out there? I pondered that for about a second, and then thought, yes!

My beautiful cousin, Marilyn, told me I should go for it.

A fellow blogging buddy of mine, Dennis Earl,(
said he thinks I would find it a rewarding experience. My long time friend, Bill Brioux, (whose blog - TV Feeds My Family - is pretty much my favourite one out there, and my comic inspiration), agreed to let me run the entries by him and help me out.

My sister said I have to do it! And, my pal, Bruce Kirschbaum, (the aforementioned Emmy award winning writer) had nothing but encouragement for me.

I took notes as Bruce told me WHY he thought I should do it.
I'll quote him here.

"Remember, the most important thing is say to yourself, 'I want to live.' That's the macro view - do what needs to be done to live. Keep your eye on the prize. The ultimate goal is to get your health back. But this blog idea could be a wide ranging soapbox for you. It might surprise you! It could start off as a blog, but you might find yourself stepping into the map of unexpected places. It can be funny, it might be meditation and reflection. You say you want to tell it like it is, no candy-coating. So the guidepost is honesty, but it runs the gamut. This could be a platform to go into very wide-ranging terrain".

After hearing Bruce's unique take on it, I got pretty excited about trying my hand at writing a blog!

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