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March 13/12.

It's our cat's birthday! Tru, (officially known as Trudeau) is a Devon Rex. (photo below by my daughter, Kate).  Tru is her special baby!

She's 15-years-old today!

Happy birthday Tru-tru! (I took the shot above when I got home from a few hours of errands).

During this March break week, I've been thinking about what a different life I lead now from
the good old "Global glamour days." (here on the Entertainment Desk set with Timothy Dalton).

Ever since I quit work to look after our Mum, (who died in October 2010), then clean out her home
for months with Carrie, put it on the market and sell it,

all while dealing with my own breast cancer, things have really changed, big time.

I spend my days trying to keep a handle on things in a three-storey house with multi-projects underway on every floor and in every corner of every room,

laundry on the go all the time, - starting in the basement laundry room, making its way upstairs to the livingroom to be folded and finally, put away where it belongs,

non-stop visits to No Frills, (because it's impossible for me to get everything we need in ONE grocery-store-run per week). Yep, I'll admit it, sometimes even I RUN OUT OF STEAM and can't do it all at once. And the older Tru gets, the more I need to change the litter box and the more litter I need to lug home! These massive bags weigh a ton!

And with all the guests in the house, we're always running out of everything. (don't get me wrong, I LOVE having kids in the house, but they keep me hopping, shopping and cooking). Hint today:  No Frills has a good selection of greeting cards at 50 percent off. Much nicer than dollar store cards, and half the price of Hallmark! We have some more family birthdays coming up!

At the checkout counter,

I don't often buy People Magazine anymore, but this issue, I couldn't resist.

The cover shot is Monkees star, Davy Jones, who died February 29th at the age of 66. It's just SO cute, I HAD to have a copy. Lots more adorable shots and a great story inside. I was amazed he made the cover, since People usually seems to try to appeal to a younger demographic, but I guess with Monkees repeats over the years, young fans loved him too!

On the way home, the weather was so beautiful. I saw lots of people running in Riverdale Park,

jogging along the sidewalks,

and the Withrow Park off-leash dog area was barkingly busy!

Canines go crazy!

Quite the community mosh pit for mutts!

I've never owned a dog, but it was fun watching them in action today. My attempt to try and take little breaks during the day, (you know, stop & smell the roses and all that) - although I didn't stop and smell the doggie doo doo!

I'm working on a couple of ideas and projects of my own right now 

to try and make some changes to my life for the better, and, (to quote something from a great Richard Ouzounian Toronto Star article/interview I read 

about Mary Walsh back on March 1st), to help me, "see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not even the train!"  (see article below)

Sadly, Mary had to postpone the opening of her one-woman show Dancing with Rage at Theatre Passe Muraille due to pneumonia. She hopes to be able to launch it on March 20th.

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