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March 2/12.

Wanted a "Me Day!"  on Thursday. Whaddya do? Escape? Run for the hills? Jump out a window? Hide in a closet? So many options!

Hey Cayr! How about going back to good old Cloverdale Mall? (CUE the wind machine!) Remember Mum used to take us here all the time when we were young kids, living out in Port Credit? - Now that I have GPS, thought, I'll take a spin out there for old times' sake. Made it, but unpredictably B-O-R-I-N-G!

You probably have NO memory of this place, Carrie. But, neither do I! It looked NOTHING like I THOUGHT I remembered it. Located around Dundas Street and highway 427, it used to be crazy-busy and fun. THE place to go and hang out in Etobicoke -

(Above, open air Cloverdale Mall in the '60s). One blogger I found online described it this way:
The floors you see today, were OUTSIDE streets (back then), between two rows of store front canopies supported on Modernist street poles.

It was an innovative outdoor mall, known for the kiddie play area in the centre walkway featuring the famous,
big cement elephant we used to climb up on and and slide down, over and over again!
(This pic also taken at Cloverdale in the '60s).

All gone.

Now, it's empty, spacey, bizarre and cavernous. Stepford Wives Mall. (who knew??)

They have a Metro store,

that sells stuffed animals,

a Laura Secord outlet,

with tons of delectable goodies. But I'm trying to stay AWAY from chocolate these days. Wreaks havoc with the skin. (what am I, 14 again??)

a Tims,

plus a Winners. But overall, Cloverdale? Hmmmmmmm, just wasn't doin' it for me. Big mistake to come here. Couldn't wait to get out. (to quote Margie MacDougall in one of my favourite movies, The Apartment, "'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... nothin'... no action... dullsville"!)  Right on. Oh well. Saw it again, so that's out of my system! No further return trips to Cloverdale will be required in future. Can forget about it now. - Cut, print, moving on!

Asked Bossy GPS Broad to direct me back downtown pronto. Miraculously, she did.

Next thing I knew, I was at Bay & Queen, staring at Old City Hall,

Then at "new" City Hall, watching a guy named Sticky, play the drums. He was awesome.

This young mother told me her little girl LOVES music, especially drums! (Hey, I KNOW the feeling kid!)
If she's anything like my son, Max, - LOOK OUT! - She'll be asking for a drumset in the basement soon!

City Hall has always been one of my favourite places. It just represents Toronto to me.

The rink wasn't too busy this day, which made for easy skating. (I didn't lace up any rented skates though. Too afraid of a fall after so many years off the ice). I need somebody to skate with me, hold my hand and be prepared to pick me up when disaster strikes!

The good old hot dog vendors and chip wagons were open, but not exactly doing a booming biz!

Next it was on to the Eaton Centre. - NOT MORE CHOCOLATE!! This time, Godiva.

I can't escape it!

Not to mention Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory,

featuring the gooiest candy apples.

OK, now we're talkin'. A stop at The Body Shop,

yep, for more vanilla body lotion, (my fave). Gotta have it!

And to MAC cosmetics,

 to get some of their fabulous jet black gel eyeliner.

Then time to wander Yonge Street for a while.

Next, off to The Beaches for a quick stop at Hair Dynamix. (where else?)

- to pick up the invaluable hair product, I.C.O.N. CURE. Can't live without it,

(unless, of course, I want to look like Nick Nolte's mug shot!)

Thought about going to a movie at The Beach theatre, but - nothing playing there I wanted to see!

So, went to the actual beach, instead!

Saw a family enjoying a walk by the water.

Walked on the rocks,

and sat around, thinking about any number of weird things.
It was very cold, but nice enough to take my coat off - just  for a minute. (wishful thinking for Spring!)

At one point, I had the boardwalk all to myself!

But eventually shared it with a couple of passersby and some dogs.

Then watched the sun start to set. So pretty.

Ended up at the Comedy Bar for the late show at Bloor & Ossington,

to see Riot Vs. Riot

(the NEW Ryerson University improv team battling it out against the alumni "OLD" team). From beginning to end, a really fun night for me! GREAT audience support for one and all.  (we weren't really supposed to take pics, but I snuck one anyway, at the very end). For the record, the NEW team won! Congrats gang! If Kate gets into Ryerson in the fall, she may try out for RIOT. I hope so! (From what I saw, she'll be in great company if she makes the team!) Thanks for the laughs everyone! Keep it up. The world always needs more laughter!

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