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Babies are beautiful, speeding tickets suck!

March 12/12.

I was just about to run off to the provincial court house to set up a date to fight my speeding ticket, when my cousin called to ask if I wanted to come down the street to Withrow Park to see baby Sienna in the kiddie area. (Hell ya! I'd MUCH rather see Sienna than the courthouse)! Grabbed my coat and raced on over.

"I'M THE QUEEN OF THE CASTLE!!!" So says Sienna!

Nothing like a beautiful baby to brighten your day! She really is the sweetest little thing, and at 9 months old,
is almost standing on her own! YAY!!

I got the chance to hold her for a few minutes. Seems SO long since Kate & Max were this age! (yet I still remember exactly what it was like to be a new mother). Sacha is a great Mum. Sienna is a lucky little girl to have such an amazing family.

Cousin Kev was there, watching his granddaughter play.

In the earlier part of the afternoon, it was sunny and we were decked out in spring-like clothes.

All the kids in the park went crazy when the ice cream truck pulled up!!

But a little later, when it was time to head for the dreaded offences office at 137 Edward Street,

it started raining, (and naturally, I forgot to bring an umbrella). Didn't have to wait too long. Filled in the paperwork, gave it to the clerk and was told I'll receive a court date notification in the mail in two to six weeks, (but it might take months for the case to come up). I was stupidly driving 56 in a 40 zone on Gerrard Street, trying to make it to Kate's concert on time last week. I'm so mad at myself, since I only ended up being even later for the show, PLUS, I now face the prospect of losing three points (which is why I want to try and fight this). I really don't want to lose those points. Just wish I could rewind the tape of life and start that evening over again - (but in SLOW mo).

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At March 13, 2012 at 9:59 a.m. , Blogger Julia said...

Trying to beat traffic tickets is a national trend now:)) Most drivers try to do that because they save money and keep their license intact.
The best way to beat your ticket is to hire a specialized lawyer. Without the help of a professional it;s hard to win in court even if you think you have the right weapons:)
I know this because when I received my first traffic ticket Toronto I decided to fight it on my own but the result was when I got the second I hired a lawyer and I was surprised to see that the same judge dismissed it....
From that moment I contacted my lawyer every time I got a ticket and I will do this until the end of my days:)

At March 13, 2012 at 5:51 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info, Julia.
Not sure what it COSTS to use a lawyer to fight a ticket. Guess I'll find out.
Here's to driving carefully!


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