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February 24/12.


Back to Princess Margaret Hospital this morning to meet with the beautiful Dr. Koch, radiation oncologist. She had the results of my bilateral breast MRI test (done 12 days ago). I'd been having pain in the exact same spot where the lump was first discovered a year ago and the area felt the same as it did on Day One, so I was scared. The second mammogram and second ultrasound showed absolutely nothing, so the second MRI was ordered.

Yep, all decked out again in the oh-so-stylish (NOT!) medical gown. There's just NO way to make these blue rags look any better. (believe me, I've tried). Oh well, at least I was wearing my "empowerment rings" (courtesy of Auntie Ray), to add some pizzazz.

The update? According to the experts, the lump we were all seeing (and feeling) is known as "fat necrosis" at the site of the previous surgery. It's consistent with post-operative changes. The report says, "No suspicious enhancement to suggest recurrent malignancy and there are no suspicious lymph nodes on either side. Clinical follow-up is recommended."

So, what the hell? Since I was jumping for joy over the results, I dumped the drabby gown, showed a little peek of purple lace (no big deal), and wore a massive pink flower on my head. (Feeling better already)! NEXT appointment? With "The Nutty Professor", (medical oncologist), on March 20th.

(I call him that because he looks & sounds exactly like Jerry Lewis "Professor Julius Kelp" in his 1963 movie, one of my fave comedies of all time).

I always wanted to BE Stella Stevens! She got to run off with Jerry at the end of the movie,

and she was just SOOOOOOOOOO pretty!

On the way out of the breast clinic, I did a double take after catching sight of this huge poster of Dr. David McCready, (my hero). He heads the PMH breast cancer program and is the surgeon who saved my life. I remember the day of my diagnosis, I went into "reporter mode", researching info on "the best breast cancer surgeon in Toronto". I decided - He's the Man!, - and I was lucky enough to become his patient. Thanks for everything Dr. McCready!

(and yes, the "I'm a 10" headline suits him perfectly. He'll ALWAYS be a 10 in MY book! - and for countless other women as well).

On the way home in my car, spotted my son, Max, walking back from school. I pulled over on the sidewalk, and he asked if I got good news. Told him yes! All is well. He was VERY happy and then told me HE had good news too!

Turns out, his gorgeous girlfriend, Robyn, has officially been accepted into his high school (Rosedale Heights School of the Arts) in the fall. YaHOO!! (Finally, I have an "official & logical reason" to post this fab pic of Robyn's gown at the dance they attended two weeks ago. Perfect match to Max's tie!) They're both SO excited they'll be going to school together. Adios Malvern, Hello Rosedale! (with all her musical talents, Robyn will be a true asset to the school and I KNOW it's the right place for her!) - To Sharon and Tony - (Robyn's parents), GREAT decision! BELIEVE me.

Working backwards now to Thursday, ( I LOVE working backwards). I was trying to take my mind OFF the fear of MRI results, doing anything I could to concentrate on OTHER things.

Went to Fortino's at Lawrence Square,

to take my marvellous Mum-in-law, (Jean Bornstein), grocery shopping. While she squeezed the fruit, I traipsed thru the mall, checking out stores, trying on clothes, (won't tell you what), but didn't end up buying anything - except a few groceries at Fortino's. By the way, if you've never been to this Fortino's store, GO there!  HUGE aisles, TONS 'o space, you hardly EVER bump into other shoppers and the variety is phenomenal. Takes FOREVER to get through this place! My Mum-in-law was buying "Cuties" here, (the teeny tangerines), cuz my Dad-in-law loves them! (she takes very good care of him!)

After helping Mum B get the groceries up to their condo and visiting with Dad B, (who was watching a weird Christmas episode of some old sit-com on the big flatscreen in the den), stopped off to see my late Mum's old place - (hey, it's just three blocks away, and old habits die F-ing hard). I miss her so much.

Then drove downtown to my stompin' grounds - Gerrard Square, to buy a new blowdryer at Zellers. (I run through blowdryers like you wouldn't believe). To put it mildly, with my massive hair troubles, I blow them out. Bought a tiny travel one for 10 bucks. While there, the customer ahead of me began complaining to the cashier that Zellers will be closing. NOOOOOOOOOOO! She said it would be replaced by Walmart. (Later, I realized it'll be Target). - As McAdorey used to say, "I can't cope." Ai yi yi.

No more Zellers????

Blocks between Zellers & home, had to stop, cross the street and take a pic of the orange sunset. Beautiful.
Then, looked (back) across the street and saw Dana, one of the Bolton brothers, (my musical blog mascots). Hadn't run into him in WEEKS.

Seconds later, Aubrey was sauntering up the road with his guitar.

Bought the boys a couple of brews.

Aubrey (left), Dana (right). These guys are awesome players! LOVE the crazy guitar strings bouncing
in front of Aubrey's face! FYI, this pic was taken by a neighbourhood guy, Stephen Balen. He gave the Bolton Bros a donation and I asked if he would stop and take a shot of us. He kindly agreed. See you next time Stephen!

Oh, and hey, while I'm at it here, check out my sister, Carrie's latest Prickles the Porcupine & Stella the Squirrel video! (Sob).


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