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Weekend shenanigans

February 26/12.

To quote my Facebook pal, Paul Mackay,

"This weekend was snakey!" (his word for wild & busy).

 I returned to Urban Nails, "the scene of the nail shellac crime" on Saturday,

where Kelly "acetoned off" the old pale light pink shellac and re-did them in a brighter shade.
(Are those Medusa's snakes behind us)?? .

LOVE it! This having painted nails thing is stunning me out, since I've never had them before! Still sporting all my "empowerment" rings. (One of these days I'll knock it off, but for now, just feels better wearing them).

FYI - I've never forgotten the first time I saw the Hammer horror flick The Gorgon (1964), in which the star of the film had snakes for hair. (now THAT'S snakey!)

Next on the agenda? Fruit & veggie shopping on The Danforth. Carrie says I need to eat a lot of broccoli. (and since Mum isn't around to advise me of that anymore, guess I have to listen to Carrie!)

Checked out the latest window at It's My Party. Always colourful. Currently an underwater theme with fish.

Then, strangely, a couple of blocks away at a Chinatown pet store, the clerk was bagging up goldfish and guppies for a customer to take home. (er, I THINK they were guppies!) I never had fish as pets before. Only cats.

Realized I'd forgotten something on the Danforth, so drove back to the corner of Broadview & Danforth,
only to spot a CBC TV satellite truck,

then, a CITY truck,

and a gaggle of reporters, photogs & videographers all grappling for the money shot and the sound bite.
What WAS IT?? - I felt like I was back at Global TV, clamouring for an angle.

Turned out, it was interim Liberal leader Bob Rae making a statement and answering questions!
(With Art Eggleton right behind him). Haven't seen Eggleton up close since we went on ONE date circa 1978. (I was the 680 News City Hall reporter at the time). Funny.

Bob held court in the freezing cold for at least a half an hour, discussing Stephen Harper's dirty tricks.

Went walking through Riverdale Park and couldn't believe the weather! Very chilly, but sunny. After that, did a lot of shopping for gifts, to prepare for a family party in Newmarket on Sunday.

Whenever Sam's brother, Neil and his wife, Carolyn throw a bash, they always do it up big!

The spread of food was fab, and there were tulips everywhere!

And plenty of goodies and drinks!

This party was in honour of all the family members with birthdays in January and February.

There were so many guests, 23 in all, that an extra "kid's table" had to be set up in the foyer between the front door and the kitchen!

There were THREE delectable cakes! (carrot cake, strawberry shortcake and chocolate). I had my pic taken with all the members of the birthday brigade, (left to right), bro-in-law, Neil, nephew Justin, niece, Jenny, nephew, Adam and my son, Max!
That's a lot of wishes to make! Hope they all come true!

Neil and Carolyn's oldest son, Jason, couldn't make the party. He was in Kingston, getting ready to leave for a working trip to Ottawa. Uncle Vlado "brought" Jason to the party table via SKYPE. Hi Jason!! We missed you!

Young nephew Zander (just 7), is a riot.

He kept us all in stitches with his Jim Carrey-like antics and agility.

My kids, Kate & Max, just adore him!

Then it was time for prezzies! We gave Justin a shirt that suits him to a tee! Also gave him a gift card for Urban Planet so he can pick out some clothes he really likes.

Adam's Grandma gave him a much-needed tool box with 50 tools inside! (Our present to Adam was a gift card for Tim Horton's. Everyone can always use one of those!)

From his Auntie Cass and Uncle Mark, he also got seasons 3 & 4 of Saturday Night Live, back in the glory days of Dan Aykroyd & Steve Martin ("two WILD & CRAZY GUYS!) and the great Gilda Radner & Bill Murray. Now THOSE sketches would be fun to watch!

I'm a big fan of Adam's. He just turned 20 and is a very talented young man, - sings, acts, dances, juggles, skates, writes and has a beautiful new girlfriend, Alex!

Neil & Carolyn own ALL the seasons of my fave show, House! I have seasons too, but haven't finished watching them all yet!  I kinda just like looking at all those pics of Hugh Laurie!

My parents-in-law, Ben & Jean Bornstein enjoyed overseeing the whole event and being with the fam!

It was a blast of a bash and a good time was had by all! Thanks for the invite!!

Afterwards, I managed to drive home from Newmarket with the help of Bossy GPS broad, who got Kate, Max and I safely there, all in one piece, while Sam drove his parents back to their condo. After that, it was time for the Oscars!
And the return of Billy Crystal! - LOVED it!

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At November 8, 2012 at 3:10 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Elaine, I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I found your blog one day and got this far reading it so far! I just had to post and tell you that I think you are a Highly Sensitive Person, in case you didn't already know. Just reading your blog I could see where you are so stressed, (of course who wouldn't be with cancer treatment), and sensitive to pain, etc. If you haven't read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, I hope you get a chance to. I'm highly sensitive too. Love your blog.


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