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March 8/12.

I've fallen way behind in writing.

Time to catch up!

I thought CHICAGO was the windy city! But last weekend, on one of the windiest Toronto days in a long time,

an old friend of mine drove into town from quite a distance, parked on my branch-ridden street, to spend Saturday with me and stay overnight. (She always prefers to remain anonymous).

So here's a picture of her with me! (well, she WAS sitting next to me, but I had to cut her out).

This is us, having a toast to her surviving a horrendous accident and me surviving cancer. (worth the drive from Acton!)

She brought prezzies for my kids, Kate & Max.

A shimmering, sparkling, sequiny dress for Kate,

and a gear-fab Beatles t-shirt for Max!

Oh, great. Now I feel compelled to go grab my copy of
 A Hard Day's Night!

-and watch that sassy, satirical scene with George Harrison,

when he wanders into executive ad agency man Simon Marshall's office, (played by Kenneth Haigh), only to be quizzed about his opinion of some "cool" new shirts they're putting on the market.

George snaps, "I wouldn't be seen dead in them. They're dead grotty."

Simon: "Grotty?"

George: "Yeah, grotesque!"

Simon: "Of course they're grotty, you wretched nit! That's why they were designed, but that's what you'll want"!

George: "But I won't."

Simon: "You can be replaced you know, chicky baby!"

George: "I don't care."

Simon: "Get him out of here."
Love that scene! (well, love EVERY scene in A Hard Day's Night!)

At any rate, Max doesn't think his new t-shirt is dead grotty. He LIKES it! My friend also brought Max a new John Lennon black cap,

because she knows how much he likes John's famous signature hat. (don't we ALL?)

Kate's new dress fits perfectly and looks great on her!

As for me, my friend brought me a gorgeous sterling silver ring that looks like lace. Two things I adore, silver & lace! Beautiful! Thank you SO much anonymous pal!

I bought her some gifts too, but can't show them here!
My friend and I hung out in the den, watching TV with Max, Damian & Kate (you can't see the mystery guest, but she was there!)

This is her, wearing the pjs I got for her, sitting in the den. 

Kate & Max entertained us with some songs, including The Beatles' I Shoulda Known Better.

And we stayed up to watch Lindsay Lohan hosting Saturday Night Live,

and with the help of all the other talented SNL cast members (above, Kenan Thompson),

we got a lot of laughs. (Lindsay here with Andy Samberg)

After actually cooking up pancakes, bacon & eggs for brunch on Sunday (!!), - my good friend had to take off again. But we had a blast, laughing, crying, telling stories, reminiscing and on & on. Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for EVERYTHING!

The "winter" weather has been so unbelievable - very mild. But I was sad to see my friend leave after all the camaraderie, I'm horrible with goodbyes, as always. So - off to Zellers (soon to become Target?), to pick out something bright.

This top is all one piece, colourful and cute for spring.

Wore it this week to take two suitcases up to my sister, Carrie's place so her son, Lee, could pick one out for the baseball trip he's taking soon. The 8-day haul involves two days to get to Florida, two days to get back and four days to PLAY BALL!

Met up with Carrie & the tall and lean Lee at the street corner down the block from their apartment.

They decided to borrow BOTH suitcases. One for Lee and the other for a short trip Carrie is soon planning.

Carrie snapped a pic with my nephew, since I won't be seeing him for a while. Win big Lee! He's in demand since he's a fabulous player and also a left-handed pitcher!

Then went over to Carrie's place for tea.
We ended up going through some old files about our late grandparents, Mabel & Arthur Burridge.

Grampa had such an interesting career as a physical education teacher at McMaster University, among other places. He was responsible for bringing the forward pass into Canada! He was also an incredible pianist, played in many churches,  sometimes accompanied silent movies with his great tickling of the ivories, spent a year studying and getting his Masters Degree at Syracuse University, and later, ran the popular antique shop,

 Century House, in Pleasant Point, (9 miles north of Lindsay, Ontario),  for years, with Gramma.

These pages in red writing are a script Carrie wrote way back when she used to help out at the shop. It's a short play about our grandparents, and reading it together, had us in stitches. BOTH Mabel & Arthur were very funny and their humour has trickled down through the family, Auntie Ray, our late Mum, Jill, our cousin, Kevan, to us and now, to our own kids.

Later, Carrie took me into the bedroom, to show me the nest that Stella the Squirrel has built between her window and screen. Has certainly grown in size! (both the nest AND the squirrel!) As Robin Williams would say, "LOOK OUT! She's gonna BLOW!"

We think sweet little Stella is on the verge of giving birth.

And of course, Prickles the porcupine's quills are quivering & quaking at the very THOUGHT of new babies!

If you want proof of my grandparents' humour (not to mention, their love of nature, animals - & ESPECIALLY of squirrels), being passed down through the family, you HAVE to see Carrie's newest video installment. Hilarious. Once again, I say, Carrie is brilliant. - (and has MORE patience than I could EVER fathom having in a lifetime!!) - When you see the Leafs game material, you'll know what I mean!

Fabulous ideas Cayr!

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about writing a personal experience article about surviving one year after breast cancer surgery, what it's been like and what it all means. Wildest year of my life, that's for DAMN sure.

The one-year anniversary of the surgery is April 27th, so I have to get cracking. As for who to pitch it to, not sure. Toronto Life? Toronto Star? National Post? (Some publication where readers might remember me from the "good old golden Global glamour days"). My life is FAR removed from that now, but still filled with wild adventures which have taken me places I never thought I'd go. Sometimes, I don't even believe it myself!

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