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February 22/12.

Quite the whirlwind 30 hours, gotta say.

Tuesday night here, (above), on the way out the front door, to record my voice-over demo, commercials/notes in hand.

Off to Tattoo Sound + Music studio at Eastern & Logan. (Five minutes away from home).

Just me at the sound board, waiting for Jason to show up. (He was stuck in traffic in a TTC streetcar). No problem! Gave me more time to practice voices!

Audio engineer Dave Clark took the shot of me at the board. (I took this one of him, from MY side). Hence, the blurry look. Maybe ONE of these days I'll learn how to take a decent pic!

Always fun working in a studio, doing voice work with headphones. Jason threw me all kinds of crazy curves. Tried to roll with them . NO clue how the demo will turn out! Will take a few weeks for it to be put together!

I don't want the classes to be over!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT team! Miss everybody already!

Jason Deline shares his talent and knowledge with all his students and hopefully, we can do him proud in the future!

Final night. I recorded spots & promos (with Jason's wild direction), about Tim Horton's, Aero chocolate, Mitsubishi Motors, Brita, Demptser's bread and Visine enduring moisture! He & Dave will now spend several hours adding music, sound effects and creating something worthwhile! - (I hope!)

Meanwhile, back at home, Max, his girlfriend, Robyn, Kate and her boyfriend, Damian, made pancakes (for pancake Tuesday), and saved some for me when I got home! That's a first! They were delish!

Moving on! - Wednesday morning, a whole NEW direction! Used GPS to drive to Humber College in Etobicoke for a photo shoot with Abby Mackay. 

She's just 18, and a first-year photography student who asked to use me as her model! 

Her Dad, Paul, is a Facebook pal and acquaintance of mine, who has become a caring friend. I've bent his ear many a time, both on line and on the phone. His old blog, ("Still Rambling") first inspired my own blog a year ago. He takes GREAT pics, and when my daughter, Kate, asked what I wanted MY blog to look like, I showed her Paul's blog and said, "Like THIS!" (he no longer writes his blog, but puts all his pics on FB). Still, you can locate the Ramblin' Man's  funny shots and quips (as well as some much more serious entries), online at Still Rambling.   Tons of terrific archival material, and his GREAT sense of humour shines through in all the fab, freaky photos! (and sometimes, his pics can also bring a tear to your eye).

Once I finally found my way into the Humber studio, (NO EASY FEAT - only got there because Paul came and found me in the massive parking lot!), I was astounded at how things work these days. This looks NOTHING like the "facilities" WE had - (decades ago, gak) at Seneca College, when I was studying Applied Communications! (which no longer even exists!)

Loved encountering, (and watching in action), - left-to-right, Melissa Rolston, models Joob Vakili, Danielle Jardim, plus makeup artist extraordinaire, Kellie O'Hearn, all working in the same studio on their OWN project. Like WOW man! - (are they not all stunningly GORGEOUS??) - Insert wolf whistles here! 

Beautiful Abby had her OWN original ideas about what she wanted to shoot. She asked me to show off my "empowerment rings" -

the ones "keeping me safe" from cancer. (this shot was taken by Paul, on MY digi-cam). - Hopefully, Abby's Nikon-cam PRO-shots will have WAY better flash lighting and TONS more pizzazz! We'll see!

 Paul posed for a pic with me at the Humber studio. After that, he took Abby & I for lunch at

Canyon Creek Chophouse, where I ordered the first lunch I've had in many weeks! (a clubhouse sandwich with fries).
They had such a pretty waterfall window.

I told Abby, if my demo CD works out, I'd LOVE to use her best pic as my demo CD cover-shot.
We'll see! Who KNEW her pics and my demo might meld?

Thanks Abby! The VERY best of luck to you in your chosen career path of photography! I look forward to seeing where your talent will lead you in the future!

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At March 17, 2012 at 2:26 a.m. , Anonymous Melissa Rolston said...

Hey it was great meeting you! I have uploaded some of the photos from the shoot that you were at if you were interested in seeing them!

hope you like them!

Melissa Rolston


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