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March 11/12.

Days have been flying by. Same with the time. I hate losing that extra hour. (although, it's nice to have sunshine into the evening!)

Just before sunset today, I was outside at the back of the house by the garage and took pics of my son, Max and his girlfriend, Robyn.

We all love the mild temperatures! Goofin' around here. Max has never owned a bike. He's perched on our cousin, Sacha's childhood bike, while Robyn has her own. I TRIED to ride the little one, but couldn't do it! (Hey, I thought "It's just like riding a bicycle," was supposed to be a TRUE saying)!

Max opted for strapping on the inline skates,

 so he could scoot down the street with Robyn.

They make such a cute couple.

Max is a fantastic son. I love him so. We share a sensitive side, emotions right there on the surface. I was having a sad day today, missing people, not able to see those I want to see and wishing I could. I've taken so many photos over the last year, I guess I had pics on the brain, and I remembered two shots from years ago. I want to use them in this blog entry to illustrate a mother/son point.

24 years ago, my sister, Carrie & I were able to take a short trip to England together to meet our "Granddad" (father of our Dad, Rex Loring). We had only met him once when we were tiny kids and had no memory of him. So we flew to London, then took a train, then a bus and finally a cab to reach him in this obscure little seaside town. After many years of writing letters to him in Herne Bay, we couldn't believe the place actually existed, but here it was, at long last!

It was even MORE overwhelming to actually be in his little bungalow and to finally talk with him! Our Dad had warned us he was quite frail and might not be up for a long visit. (he knew we were coming and had the tea all ready!)

We ended up staying about three hours, talking about everything imaginable. It was killer emotional for all three of us. (Tough to catch up on a lifetime)! This little gnome was the only thing I remembered from my visit with him when I was almost four years old. Carrie looks so pretty here. And oh so happy.

When we had to leave, both of us were awash with tears. I knew I'd never see him again. Goodbyes are the one thing I can't stand in life. When we got to the train station, I asked Carrie to take a photo of me so I could remember my feelings on that emotional roller coaster day. She didn't want to do it, but finally agreed.

I like the shot because it captures exactly how I was feeling.

Then I remembered a photo of Max when he was a little boy. While I was still working at Global TV, our nanny took Max (age 4) to the petting zoo. She bought him some pet food from a machine, so he could feed it to the goat. Max was anticipating a minute or two with the animal, but the goat gulped down the food in one fell swoop, leaving him broken-hearted.

I think this picture also captures that sad moment perfectly and it reminds me a lot of me! Kind of a dumb story all around I guess, but I just find it interesting that Max and I are so much alike when it comes to wearing our emotions on our sleeve.

An added note. As it turned out, I DID end up seeing my Granddad again, a few years later, on another trip to England, but Carrie only saw him that once.

Speaking of mothers and sons, Carrie posted her latest Prickles the Porcupine/Stella the Squirrel video on Facebook today.


The squirrel (who has been nesting between the screen and the windowpane of her apartment unit), finally had her babies! There are FIVE!  Carrie used her own beautiful song, Mother Son in the background of the video she edited. She wrote the music & lyrics, sang the song along with her nephew, Lief Mosbaugh (in the role of the son), and the tracks were put together by my bro-in-law, Garth Mosbaugh (of The Nylons). Incredible little production. (well, a BIG production for the squirrel!)

Our street looked so pretty today as the sunset began. Working backwards now to a couple of days ago,

we all went to see Kate perform at the Paprika Festival, on Thursday night, held at the Tarragon Theatre.

Robyn & Max were there, Sam was video-taping the show,

My old high school pal, Dean Rogers surprised me by showing up - he's so loyal to Kate and Max when it comes to their performances!

Cousin Kevio was there - (love this pic!) He's long been a Kate Sloan supporter! (has even recorded a few songs in the studio with her),

And of course, Kate's boyfriend, Damian Sommer was there too. They're celebrating their one-year anniversary together tonight! Dinner out at Il Fornello on The Danforth. Congrats you two!

Here's Kate's uke performance of one of her originals - I'd Rather.

I loved her very pretty version of The Beach Boys song, Wouldn't it be Nice.

Here's another original. Hot Tamale.

Great show Kate!

The only drag of the evening? I got a speeding ticket driving along Gerrard Street - 56 kms. in a 40 zone on the way to the show. I was SO angry at myself. (and Max, Robyn & I were also late for the performance as a result). I don't want to lose the three points, so tomorrow, - another first in my life. Heading to Old City Hall to set up a court date to try and fight it. (the officer advised me if I feel strongly about the points, which of course, I DO, to fight it and I might win). Fingers crossed.

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