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February 20/12.

Family Day. Trying to take it easy. Will see how long that lasts!

Forgot to write about Friday night! Went to see a fabulous comedy show at the Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor Street West at Ossington. - 10 p.m. show. - Admission - $5!!

The show lived up to its blackboard marquee promo! It was hilarious!

On the drive there, we passed  Honest Ed's, all lit up and glowing,

as well as this cool, glitzy tiger statue made up of bright lights.

The show is called ABOUT AN HOUR.

It starred Kerry Griffin,

Alex Hatz,

Jan Caruana,

and Jim Annan.

(You might recognize Jim from his many commercials and TV appearances). He's everywhere!

                                           Eric, Kate & Damian

I attended the show with my daughter, Kate, her boyfriend, Damian and their friend, Eric. We had a riot!

The long-form improv show was all based on ONE suggestion yelled from the audience - "BROKEN GLASS!"

The cast was also supposed to include Ron Baker (third from left), but sadly, he was away for this performance.

I have NO clue how these talented performers wind their way through such convoluted and hysterically funny ideas, all tied into the theme of broken glass. It started off with glasses breaking in the dishwasher, "The glasses don't go on the bottom shelf! They'll break!" - "But this is a Kenmore!", then on to being spontaneous and smashing glasses against the wall, shattering them, - "Forget the rules, let's do something CRAZY!" and a ton of other wild ideas in between. (it all made sense, the way they strung it together!)

My favourite lines included Kerry Griffin checking "the chore wheel" and laughing when his significant other, Jan, discovered he had added "Whoopee!" to the list (just for fun). She responded, "I didn't think that was a chore!"

And later, when Jim (playing a timid boss), told one of  his employees (who sweeps up broken glass around the place), "I've never fired a person in my life. I usually hire homeless people off the street to come in and fire them."

Guess you hadda BE there. And you CAN be! The cast has another About an Hour show planned for Friday February 24th, same time, same place.

I couldn't do what these guys do even if you paid me a million bucks!
Meanwhile, I'm proud to say my 19-year-old daughter, Kate, has been an improv performer for a number of years. She's very funny!
She's been working as the improv coach at her former high school, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, encouraging and bringing out the best in younger kids.
Maybe one day I'll see Kate Sloan performing at Second City, or in TV commercials or in a scene someplace with the full cast of About an Hour!
Comedy rules!

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