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Wedding day memories

October 22/11.

28 years ago today, Sam & I got married in Mum's livingroom. It was a fantastic and fun day! Cheers Sam! Ever since then, it's been quite the roller coaster ride, hasn't it?

Gorgeous white lace gown, over pink raw silk, (and stunning veil), all designed and made especially for me by the late, great Uncle Ev. Of course, I still have it. He modelled the gown after a picture I ripped out of a magazine as a teenager. At the time, I told him I wanted a lacy gown just like it. A decade later, he still remembered that request and asked me for the picture so he could create the wedding dress! I didn't even recall what he was talking about, till I finally located the tattered old mag shot somewhere in a file in my office.

He was determined to make that fairy tale wedding gown dream come true for me. Thanks for everything Uncle Ev!

Since Sam doesn't enjoy having his picture taken (I'm lucky he allowed me to use the wedding portrait here), - I posed for an anniversary photo on my own. This is a park around Sherbourne & Carlton, where I was waiting to pick Kate up from a training class for a job.

A man cutting thru the park offered to take this pic.

His name is Ezra. (he happened to be in the background of the photo I tried to take of myself, with the camera propped on top of the car. Who IS this guy, Forrest Gump??) LOL.

I took one of Ezra too! (kind of by accident, when I forgot to take the camera off 10 second automatic shot mode, - so quickly turned the Canon digi-cam on him!) Guess I surprised him!

(After this, he surprised ME, by asking for my number! (Hit it again, Shatner, - "Weird or WHAT???") Told him I didn't think that would be appropriate on my wedding anniversary! Then he walked off into the sunset).
FYI - I've actually been thinking about buying a ticket to see William Shatner in concert at Massey Hall on November 3rd. Not sure I can resist!
The man is magic - "Denny Crane!!")

Later, Sam came home with a gorgeous bouquet of fall flowers for me.

Not to mention, the funniest anniversary card I've had in years! At the height of my current love of short skirts, tight tops, black lace and kick-ass Marilyn pumps, he gave me this greeting card with a black & white shot of a prim & proper old Victorian lady, hair piled high in an insane bun, all next to a prudish pair of long, white gloves, a mousey string of white pearls and a conservative cameo! Boy, was I laughing. (the only thing I AM likin' is the lace!!) The message inside was beautiful, to make up for the hilarity on the front, but can't wait for Carrie to see this card. (It actually brought tears to my eyes when I thought of the fact that I can't show the card to MUM! She would have been in stitches, lemme tell ya!) Thanks for the laughs Sam!

Later, my parents-in-law, joined us for a special dinner at The Mandarin to celebrate! (left to right, my son, Max, me, Jean & Ben Bornstein)

What are the odds that I would have the best parents-in-law in the world, AND the world's greatest kids, Kate & Max? (check out all the greeting cards we got tonight for my birthday and our anniversary!)

On top of that, the folks at The Mandarin brought us two pieces of black forest cake with candles on top! (we were so stuffed, we had to take them home!)

All in all, a great day!

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At September 1, 2018 at 5:52 a.m. , Blogger benilhalk said...

She looks still the same, gorgeous! Congratulations on your anniversary. It will be my 10th anniversary this year and I am planning to book one of the same Seattle Wedding venues where we got married. Anyways, it was lovely reading this post and will absolutely share it with my husband.


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