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Birthday girl!!

October 17/11.

What a birthday!
A GREAT one!!
Let's see. Did I manage to avoid a doctor for one day? Nope. (but that's par for the course!)

Spent part of my day in the dental chair to fix a chipped front tooth!

Weird, but a tiny, perfectly square piece of tooth broke off, (naturally, right in front), on Friday. Luckily, my amazingly talented dentist, Dr. Gita Tarvida, had time to fit me in today. She is the MASTER when it comes to bonding, and repaired the chip in 15 minutes!

Then, I was off to Carrie's place for a birthday tea with her ultra-talented son, (my nephew), Lee! (he is supremely skilled both in baseball and in singing!)

They gave me prezzies, plus served cheese, crackers and pieces of apple.

Party on!

Carrie had Monday night off from Tafelmusik, so instead of performing for a massive audience, she sang ONLY for ME!

She has a new computer and showed me the "Sondheim karaoke program" and sang a fabulous rendition of the Bernadette Peters number, Everybody Loves Louis, from Sunday in the Park with George.

Seems simple, right? Just following the bouncing words on the screen. But to tackle the Sondheim music and sound BETTER than Bernadette? Priceless!

Then it was time for "cake!" My candle was stuck in a delicious lemon cookie, (so nothing would go to waste -or waist!) - Anyone who has read this blog can GUESS what I wished for when I blew out that candle!

Carrie (who collects miniatures as a hobby), cut the mini-cake into tiny pieces for us to enjoy!

Cayr never fails to make me laugh with her gifts. This year? Tea bag "holders" featuring the faces of famous comics like The Marx Brothers (my fave, Groucho), and my hero, Jerry Lewis as The Nutty Professor! - HAD to pull out my reading glasses to compete with nerdy "Professor Julius Kelp!" (Great. Now I have an overwhelming desire to watch the movie!)

After a two-hour visit, Carrie waved goodbye from her balcony and I drove home to try on the new clothes she gave me! (will show them off in a future entry!) GORGEOUS! She bought them for me in Montreal, during the recent Tafelmusik tour there.

Before arriving home, ran into Dana & Aubrey (my current blog mascots!) and they serenaded me with Happy Birthday to You! Thanks guys! (a friend of theirs, named Leo, took the pic).

Then, MORE surprises! Delivery of an incredible dinner from my fave restaurant, The Friendly Greek! Their seafood souvlaki - (shrimp, scallops and salmon) is to DIE for! The whole family enjoyed a fantastic feast!

And best of all, a gift from my kids, Max & Kate (oh, and our cat, Tru). DVD copies of The O.C.!! Now I can catch up on all the old episodes I missed and RE-watch the ones I loved! Max also gave me a Jersey Milk and a KitKat bar! (which I will enjoy over time. A little chocolate goes a LONG way). But that's not all! On top of tons of Facebook birthday greetings (thank you everyone!), AND lots of phone calls from family and friends,
also received an amazing "fruit arrangement" (plus a special balloon!), from my good friend, Loretta! Thank you SO much! What a treat!
(left to right) - Max, his lovely girlfriend, Robyn, me with fresh fruit o'plenty, Kate and her cutie boyfriend, Damian - (with balloon)!

All in all, with extra-special emails, pop-up messages and unexpected voice mails, - just a knock-it-out-of-the-park day!!!

I am very lucky!

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