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Giving thanks

October 9/11.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lots to give thanks for in my life this year. Like - SURVIVAL! Really happy about that!! Thanks to everyone who got me there.

Also giving thanks for my oustanding husband, Sam, all my incredible family members whom I love so dearly, fabulous friends and for my phenomenal kids, Kate and Max!

Kate & Max on the way out to perform Kate's sixties show at Aspetta in Kensington Market last night. Psychedelic dress and towering '60s hair!!

Max with his luminous girlfriend, Robyn!

How'd I get so lucky to have not one, but TWO unbelievably great and talented kids??

Here's video of Kate & Max performing The Beatles' You're Gonna Lose That Girl at Aspetta.

Couldn't attend Kate's show, because Sam & I were breaking the Yom Kippur fast at his parents' place. Great food as always! Thanks Mum and Dad! But a much smaller group than usual. Just five of us.

With my parents-in-law, Ben & Jean Bornstein and my sister-in-law, Debbie Bornstein Cyna. (Sam took the pic).

The sunset view from their condo was so pretty last night.
And the later it got,
The prettier it became!

Sunsets are another reason to give thanks. I like to watch them every night.

(As for the nightly "Kevio update", don't know HOW he's doing. Didn't even bring him Henkell last night! His wife, Marilyn, returned from Malta, and I THINK he had a date)! Will find out today.

Just for fun, here's a cool Kev pic.

Taken on my wedding day - October 22, 1983
My sister Carrie Loring (matron-of-honour) and Kevan Staples (who is more my brother, than cousin!) That sure was a special day. - Coming up for 28 years ago this month! Egad.

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