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Thanksgiving Holiday Monday - Surprises galore!!!!!!!!!

October 10/11.

The Kevio update!

Got a great surprise when I called cousin Kev yesterday to find out if he would be requiring my "special delivery Henkell services" on Saturday night at Bridgepoint. He told me he didn't need me because he's at HOME!

Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay!!!!!!! Sadly, only temporarily, since he can't actually break out of the joint till next week, but he was able to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner! Sure was fantastic to see him dressed up in white, sitting out on the front porch of his own home - (moon-walking boots, crutches & all) and hanging out with his dog, Kalou!

I lucked out when I raced over to take the welcome home pic, since minutes later, Auntie Ray showed up by cab and I was able to witness their heartfelt, long-awaited mother & son reunion! Sure brought tears to my eyes. Gak. Auntie Ray was only able to visit Kev once at Bridgepoint and she missed him so much! (Seeing this embrace, really made me wish Uncle Ev could have been here too).

But it was great for me to see Kevan back with his beautiful wife, Marilyn (home from Malta where she'd been helping take care of their adorable new granddaughter, Sienna), - and with his Mum - (who is a tad overwhelmed)!! Love it! - Auntie Ray always knows how to steal the spotlight!!

I brought along a few beers for the celebration. (only using mine as a prop. I'm going home for a Henkell piccolo!) - I think, after this past month, Kevio will be craving Henkell!! LOL. - Cheers Kev! And welcome home!

Wanted to get a shot with Kevan and Auntie Ray, so Marilyn took one for me!

Ray and Kev - classy, classic and two of the best people on the planet!

Marilyn surprised me with a stunning silver bracelet handmade in Malta. She knows I adore silver AND lace, so this bracelet is absolute perfection! She and her daughter, Sacha, shopped at many jewellery stores to find something special. Not sure what it's called, but Marilyn explained the process of making these fabulous bracelets. Tiny strands of silver, all woven together to look exactly like lace! Ultra-feminine, sexy, and the prettiest one I've ever owned!

Marilyn also brought home this stunning TRIPLE necklace for Auntie Ray. It was bought in a Maltese shop, but made in Italy. Looks great on her!!

After leaving the family reunion, ran into my performing pals, Aubrey & Dana outside the LCBO. They played House of the Rising Sun for me. Fab. They are both outstanding guitarists and I love listening to them sing too!

Since I am President of their non-existent fanclub, AND since it was Thanksgiving, I asked the Bolton Brothers to pick ANY beer they like and I'd bring them. Dana responded, "Surprise us." I like that!

Went inside, got Henkell, (for Kev - for Tuesday and Wednesday, and for me). Chose 2 cans of Stella Artois for the boys.

The man who took this pic (no, not a construction worker from Princess Margaret Hospital), a guy named Aaron, actually hit on me in the store! (As Shatner would say, "Weird, or what???") He asked why I was buying champagne and 2 beers? Told him, - for my friends, outside! (motioning towards them). He took a look and said, "I'm looking for a girlfriend like you, and you're giving beer to THOSE guys?" I said, "Ya, they're my pals, - and they're talented!" He said, "You some kinda Christian??" I said, "Yes, I am a Christian, who just survived cancer, and I kinda like doing nice things for other people." Told him he could do ME a favour. He asked, "Carry your package to the car?" I said, "Nope....just take a Thanksgiving Day pic of me & the boys for my blog"! He did not look amused. But he took the shot anyway, then asked, "You got a man?" I laughed and said, "Yep, a husband, - and two kids." Then he ran off, but not before shaking my hand and shouting, "Nice meeting you!" LOL. Life is fun sometimes.

Aubrey & Dana with their Stellas. (cue Marlon Brando, - "STELLLLLLLLLLLA"!!!) Believe it or not, half an hour later, ran into Dana, shopping at No Frills. He wanted a can of cranberries for their Thanksgiving dinner. I directed him to the canned cranberry section. Hope they had a good meal.

And that's what Thanksgiving's all about Charlie Brown!!

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