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Hospitals & Howard

October 13/11.

A hospital-a-day keeps the doctor away. (not!)

The "new norm" for me is to visit at least one hospital per day, in every way! (Not that I WANT to, but seems it's my calling). NO ESCAPE.

To boost my spirits bigtime, I take my SIRIUS radio contraption with me in the car for a daily dose of Howard Stern - and Robin Quivers, of course. (NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto has SIRIUS competition)! - but don't worry Mike Bullard and Jim Richards - love you always! Still listen - every day. I constantly go back & forth between 1010 and SIRIUS.
(obsessed with radio much??? - YES!)

Plug in SIRIUS, & a mundane drive across town turns into crazy times. Howard and Robin rule!

Don't leave home WITHOUT IT!!!

When I listen, it feels like Howard is right there WITH me. He's brilliant, up on everything, quick-witted, rude, crude, lewd, out there, over-the-top, hilarious and ever-entertaining. Makes me laugh out loud and forget my troubles. (and forget hospitals).

NO ONE can beat the man. Don't think I can go without SIRIUS again, (or at least, until he retires!)

In fact, Kate & I are going to watch Private Parts tonight!

(Kate ordered a VHS copy on Amazon and it's arrived).
Looks like the right night.

Take me AWAY Howard. Make me laugh!
Lord knows I need it.

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