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Ultra-high maintenance!

October 21/11.

I've been a high maintenance woman since the age of 13 when I first discovered makeup. There was no turning back. It started off innocently enough when the braces came off and I traded in my horrifying pointy-edged glasses for blue-tinted contact lenses, then turned to just a touch of Erace concealer to hide the dark circles. In no time flat, I was hitting the hard stuff. Makeup became my drug of choice and I was full-out addicted. Like any drug, I liked the way it made me feel. And look.

Decades later, makeup is still my heavy duty addiction. I wasn't blessed with Angelina Jolie looks, so I do the most I can with what I've got and have a helluva lot of fun with it! The natural look? Not for me. Never was. My husband, Sam, has often asked, when I will let the natural hair colour grow out and stop with the glam? Are you freaking kidding me?? Answer? Not in this lifetime! (on this, the eve of our wedding anniversary, it's hard to believe he has witnessed the "makeup transformation" pretty much every day for 28 years, and hasn't jumped ship yet. Ai carumba!)

I have a close friend, (who shall remain nameless, at her request). We constantly joke about our mutual passionate love affair with makeup. She has been known to throw me into hysterical laughter by referring to my makeup headquarters (the floor of my bedroom), as "The War Room." (appropriate, because it's a major battle, every day to go from blank canvas to "masterpiece"! - and believe me, masterpiece is ever-elusive, but I keep trying!)

For fun, thought I'd show the products it takes to pull a rabbit out of a hat every day. (or, as my late Mum always used to say, "Miracle time!!" - We shared a wild love for makeup). I won't go as far as to show before-and-after shots, (though I've been known to DO that in the past), but I don't want to lose readers here!! People would be running for the hills!

Tons 'o makeup!

Makeup never STARTS with makeup. It begins with a shower, to get that blank canvas look. Here are the "few products" I enjoy using to reach that stage!

(left to right), Scope white mouthwash, Exact liquid white soap, Johnson's baby oil (to remove waterproof mascara), Oil of Olay vanilla bodywash (the scent is simply fantastic), Pantene frizzy to smooth shampoo & conditioner, Finesse hairspray, St. Ives facial scrub, Bodycology brown sugar vanilla body mist (can't get enough!), Skintimate raspberry shaving gel, Quattro raspberry razor, Bath Retreat vanilla body butter, Secret deoderant, Johnson's baby powder, Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste, Oral B toothbrush, contact lens disinfectant, blowdryer, (don't leave home without it!), saline solution, Oil of Olay moisturizer (best product EVER!), Ponds moisturizer (for under eye). - That's ALL it takes!

After THAT, comes makeup!!

(left to right) - Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Age Defying base foundation in Buff Beige (terrific product); RCMA CS-1 concealer, (better known by me as "Industrial strength bag cream" - best stuff ever! - only available at Hiscott's); plus concealer brush to apply (Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff collection); Cover Girl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup 420- Creamy Natural; Ben Nye pressed eye shadow ES-56 Espresso (also only at Hiscott's); Annabelle under eye Kohl eyeliner - Black, 73 (GREATEST Kohl liner on the planet); eyebrow brush applicator (Annabelle A-14); eyebrow brush (Clinique - Brow keeper liner, warm brown, 01); Coty Airspun loose face powder translucent extra coverage 070-41 (have to order it from eBay in the U.S. - worth it!); Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff blush brush; Visine, (gotta get the red out!); Mac mineralized blush - Dainty; lipstick, Rimmel Lasting Finish, 010 - Dizzy; lipstick, Rimmel, Moisture Renew, 260, Amethyst Shimmer; Gosh On Stage Cool Lip Jam gloss, 104; Cover Girl eye enhancers eye shadow, Brown Smolder, 740 (fab colour!); Cover Girl loose powder puff, (a must!); Revlon eyelash curler (can't live without it!); Maybelline Lash Stylist waterproof mascara, Very Black (no longer made, naturally. Sam located a dozen of them on eBay. Worth every penny); Mac Blacktrack fluid line gel eyeliner (great product!); eyeliner brush (bought from art supply store for $2.00) Dynasty, 352R - Made in Thailand; eyeliner brush (also from art supply store), Dynasty, 331R - Made in Thailand. (So, as you see, NO big deal to achieve that "natural" look!)

On top of the above, can't forget
Velcro rollers, clips, round hairbrush. I keep hoping for a good hair day.

And of course, L'Oreal Superior Preference Hair Colour - #38!
It's terrific!

Check out lots of old Global TV pics (below), wearing SO much makeup it's insane! (LOVE it!) For 18 years, I had professional makeup artists to help me. Tried to learn from them, but could never quite achieve the same results they did. (Dana Joon, best in the biz, where are you when I need you)?

1.) At Talo hair salon when I changed my colour to strawberry blonde, and got a new cut. Wish it could look this way again!
2.) With the late, great John Candy in the Global green room after our interview.

3.) Co-hosting the Variety Club Telethon. (I can see sports anchor Bill Bird on the phones in the background).
4.) Dressed up in blue to cover an awards show. Forget which one.
5.) With actor Roger Moore. - Took years to finally score an interview with him!

6.) Anchoring an entertainment segment on the Global news set.
7.) My fave hair and makeup ever, in the Global makeup room. (with my idol, Marilyn Monroe behind me). Dana did my makeup here to cover the Junos one year.

Who knows? Maybe the products I use, will inspire others to get creative! - (or go crazy). In turn, if anyone has products to recommend, would be happy to hear about them! I keep the cosmetics industry in biz!

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