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Global get-together!

October 16/11.

Fun afternoon! Rare Global TV reunion at the Zion Church Cultural Centre, 1650 Finch Avenue East, Toronto.

Took 45 minutes to drive there from home, (and back again), but WELL worth the trip to Acton! LOL. Fab open bar, but didn't drink anything. Not when I'm driving. Ever. DID have two quarters of a grilled cheese sandwich, which were delish! Lots of other treats were being served, but I was too busy hugging people! (would much rather hug, than eat!)

Best thing? Seeing my longtime pal, Rob Davidson (Discovery Channel). We met decades ago when I was at CFTR Radio and he was upstairs at CHFI. (25 Adelaide Street East). Little did we know, we'd work together again at Global. Altogether? Maybe around 25 years of insanity?? He always makes me laugh (or sometimes cry), and it was great to catch up, albeit briefly, with him and his lovely wife, Maureen. - Rob, we need to go for lunch soon! Not enough time today!

My other buddy, Ricky Dade, (from Seneca College days back in 1975) hooked up with Rob & I. Again, more overflowing memories whenever I see Rick, and his wife, Mel.

Another of my old Global friends, reporter Sean O'Shea, was our host at this union-reunion. Can't say enough about his charm, integrity, intelligence, kindness and warmth. He organized this event,

along with the beautiful Melanie Zettler, (who co-produced and voiced MY farewell video tribute when I left Global 9 years ago). Such a sweetheart.

With cameramen Mark Foerster and Yehoram ("every frame a Rembrandt") Pirotsky. Can't even COUNT the stories I shot with these two masters!

I think we surprised Global Winnipeg news producer Don McDonald here, (left), with me & producer Steve Grant! Always enjoyed working with these two.

Me & the beautiful Terese Sears. She was my "deskmate" for years at Global. The sweetest of souls.

Fun to catch up with former Global soundman extraordinaire Donny J. Buckley and with Sean. The very pretty and unusual pumpkin floral arrangement in front of us went home with me! (Thank you Melanie! Nice birthday gift)!!

In fact, I think I will just consider this get-together my private birthday bash! It was a blast!

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