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October 8/11.

Yom Kippur, day of reckoning and atonement, is upon us. I'd better atone for my sins. (Sorry about that). Hope I can be forgiven for anything I may have done to drive people to destruction? distraction? despair? Will try to aim for loftier goals in the coming year. Now, let's get caught up.

My daughter, Kate & I went to vote Thursday night. The polling station was situated inside her former grade school, (Withrow). We cast our ballots in the library.

It was another gorgeous, golden day in the park on the way to Bridgepoint to see Kevio.

FINALLY got to see Kev "in action" - standing up, using his new crutches, purchased in the gift shop! YES! He's on his feet, without help! Just in time for his wife, Marilyn, to arrive home from Malta. She'll be SO surprised to see how well he's doing! Kev told me he might not see me on Saturday, since, "I think I might be out on a date"! (Hope so)!!

On the way home from seeing Kev, ran into street performer Aubrey Bolton, (who, in turn, recently ran into trouble)! - He's looking better now, but a couple of days ago, his eye was completely black following a bike accident, which also injured his left arm, yet here he was, playing guitar and singing, as usual.

He's on the mend!

Poor Aubrey.
Then, in less less than a minute,

his brother, Dana showed up and, in his usual good-natured way, pointed out the damage! - I bought them each a Heineken, (medicinal purposes you know!)

Before going home, stopped on Broadview Avenue for a skyline shot.

As for Saturday, I don't feel like doing anything at all. Sadly, the world has other plans for me. (Good Luck with THAT!) Will get back to you with results!

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