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August 30/11

Not the most productive day I've ever had. I tried, but energy still zapped. Even Intensity Entity doesn't want to help me out. The last week of summer before back-to-school has always been my least favourite time of the year. Just feeling so sad. About everything.

Wasn't in the mood, but took care of some banking on the Danforth.

Filled up my new leased car for the first time at the gas bar. Exciting.

And attempted to get a start on the basement cleanout, which is a massive job. Sam has called a junk man to come on Friday morning, which means I have three days to finish this insane assignment. Ai carumba. The place is a disaster.

That little yellow giraffe was Kate's favourite toy when she was a baby. Never have been able to part with it. Maybe I should give it to my cousin Sacha for her new baby Sienna. How is it MY baby is now 19??

This picture makes me laugh. That's the first tape recorder I ever bought on top there. I was 11 and it cost $19.95. It led to a career of tape recorder use in the radio biz! The other machines belonged to Sam in his CKEY radio days.

In the middle of all the junk, a big picture of my late grandparents, Arthur & Mabel Burridge, brought home from Mum's old house, (the old hidey hole).

Hopefully, in a few days, I can post some pictures showing this room cleaned up! Wish me luck!

Everywhere I look, piles of stuff to sort through. Motivation at an all-time low.

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