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August 30/11/

My cousin, Kevan, got word today he will be sprung from Mount Sinai on Wednesday to be admitted to Bridgepoint for rehab. My husband, Sam, had something to do with this, I believe. He has worked with Bridgepoint and put in the good word with them, asking if they could somehow get Kev in. It worked. (or maybe it was just coincidence, but I think NOT!!)

At home. On my way to visit Kev.

During my many many visits to Princess Margaret, I became friends with Ezio Melagarno, manager at the Druxys restaurant there. Got to love that place. Spent many happy times there. Many. Ezio now not only knows MY story, but also Kevan's! I told him, there is just NO point in trying to buy food at the Mount Sinai take-out restaurant. It just can't hold a candle to Druxys. Ezio is thrilled. But it's no joke. Druxys rules.

Buying a bagel with schmeer (as Kev calls it), pickles, a banana, an apple and some juices, for Kev at Druxys. Once again, a security guard approached me, out of the blue, and offered to take a pic! SO accomadating at Princess Margaret!!

So funny to enter Kev's room and see him like this!! He has EVERYTHING he needs, all over the friggin' place, covering his bed, his table, every which way but loose.

Food, drinks, magazines, newspapers, salt, pepper, sugar, cream, coffee, napkins, Kleenex, phone, iPad, wheelchair, casts, on and on. As usual, (no, as ALWAYS), we had such a great chat. Among many other things, I told Kev I have trouble dealing with the past, regrets, sadness, missing youth, on and on. (and if ANYONE would miss youth, it would be Kev and the Rough Trade days), but he doesn't look at life that way. He has no regrets and likes to remain in the present and looking to the future. Yep, he had me crying before we were through. We have shared so much over our 55 years together!!

On Wednesday, he'll have his one fiberglass cast cut off, staples removed, (10 days after they were put in), and cast replaced. He'll have an x-ray and will then be transported to Bridgepoint via ambulance. He's supposed to be in the "Orthopedic Activation" area, but it's crammed, so he'll hang out where ever they have a place for him till there's a bed available in the RIGHT department. He's just hoping they have WiFi so he can get wireless Internet connection and use his computer to do work while he's there! He will likely be stuck at Bridgepoint for a few weeks.

Kev, when he found out he is going to Bridgepoint on Wednesday!!

He is anxious to learn the skills he needs to get around, regain strength and recover from these damn fractured ankles. I live so close to Bridgepoint, I'll be there to help him, whenever he needs it. Name it Kev, whatever you want and it shall be there!!

Kev told me he just needs to get his mind around the new ways to adapt, how to do things for himself and that, "Life has a way of working out."

As for me, I spent my time using Kev's wheelchair as a "visitor's seat".

After visiting Kevan, drove over to see Auntie Ray (his Mum), at her seniors condo at Christie Gardens, to bring her two presents, (a ring and some chocolate fudge - both from our recent trip to Orillia), and visit for a while during her simple chicken sandwich dinner. She was very glad to hear Kev is getting out of the hospital tomorrow!

That's it, that's all for now!!

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