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One more day

August 29/11.

On the way to Mount Sinai to visit Kevan around 6 last night, was
driving down Broadview Avenue past that gorgeous cityscape view I see
every day. It was so beautiful, I just stopped the car and took a few pictures. Stuck the camera on top of the car for this auto shot.

I think I've decided I need to stop and smell the roses a little more in my life these days. Need more of that. Don't we all?

Toronto is an amazing city.

I always see TV camera crews stopping here to shoot standups because the view is so spectacular. Whenever I see them, it makes me miss the news biz. Working with creative cameramen & editors. Loved it. Those were the days. (I'm happy some of them are still my friends even all these years after leaving Global).

Decided to bring Kevan a movie mag, a couple of bottles of juice, a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee.

When I got to the hospital, found Kev in his usual upbeat manner. We talked about everything under the sun. No dead air or dull moments with Kev!

My cousin is even more special to me now than he ever was before (and that was already insanely special!) - because he is such an inspirational man. Despite two fractured ankles, the heavy duty casts, not being able to walk and do what he wants to do, he just rolls with it all, takes it in stride and has figured out how to whip around the hospital and even outside on the sidewalks of University Avenue in his wheelchair. He doesn't ask for help, just does it himself. I love Kevan. Always have. Always will.

It was also fun to find out that he now has an iPad with him in his room.

Had to laugh when we sat and read "Lain's Log" together! Now Kev can catch updates about his own progress on my blog! LOL.

Got home about 8:30, just in time to sit down for some barbecued salmon. Loblaws had a great sale, $5.99 a pound. Sam cooked up three large pieces. Just delish. And then, the MTV Video Music Awards at 9. Oh my gosh, did Lady Gaga ever surprise me! I had NO idea that was her doing her Jo Calderone alter ego thing at the opening of the show!

I thought she was absolutely brilliant.

Others disagreed. The dirty white T-shirt, black pants, boots, wild pompadour and cigarette turned her into a different person. I'm not even sure the audience in the theatre knew it was her!! (Justin Bieber seemed right out of it when they cut to him in the crowd).

Got lured away in the middle of the awards by a Skype call from my friend John Axelson in B.C. Wanted to see the rest of the show, but wanted to talk to John more. Can always catch an awards repeat some other time! John was now.

Always worth the interruption! We seem to be able find endless things to talk about, sometimes reminiscing about the long lost past, (usually about our late friend and phenomenal Seneca College teacher, Mike Monty, whom we both adored), and more often, speaking of the present, our current situations in life and about the future.

I am still reading his manuscript - Stalking The Average Man, and will no doubt have more questions for him soon! Thanks for the time John! Talk soon.

So, that was my yesterday. What about today? Didn't start off too good. Maybe I can fix it. Will let you know. Tight hugs!

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