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September 25/11.

I love Toronto so much. Beautiful city. Just passing this cityscape/skyline view on Broadview, (facing Riverdale Park) every day makes me happy. At a certain time of day, when the sun is setting, it's stunning.

I always imagine I can feel my late Mum and Uncle Ev, somehow filtering through that brilliant light, reaching my soul in the bright golden sunshine from that spot. Brings me closer to them for a brief moment.

My cousin, Kevan's rehab place (Bridgepoint), is right next door to Riverdale Park. Many times when we're out in the courtyard with him,

With Kev and my son, Max

we watch the birds and squirrels and just bask in the beauty of nature, even while we're surrounded by so many others in pain and peril, sitting outside in wheelchairs with us. It's ironic, that Kevan's fractured ankles and this long stay in rehab, resulted (in a way) from his love of nature. It happened on a hot summer day, August 19th, while at his cottage, tending to a problem on the roof, then he tumbled off, hitting the ground, landing on his feet, breaking bones in both ankles.

No matter what happens, Kevan has always had an aura of calm about him. I've questioned him about his relaxed, casual, laid-back nature and how he achieves it. He says it's just always been there. I think of myself as pretty easy-going about most things, (though that's become tougher as the years go by), and I know I covet Kev's quiet calm and his famous "WHATEVER" attitude.

Several times, Kev and I have talked about this weird cannon we can see just next to the Bridgepoint courtyard.

We don't know what it is, or why it's there, sitting next to a jogging path.

I walked over to take a few pics and look for a plaque to explain its significance, but, no plaque! - Only this date (above) of 1806.

The cannon points directly out over the city. Kind of ominous.

Later, while Googling "Cannon in Riverdale Park", came across this picture on an old postcard.

It doesn't explain much either, but maybe a blog reader out there knows something about this cannon. Let me know if you do!

Oh! And I FINALLY got permission from Kev's daughter, Sacha, to post a family pic from Malta! She's there with her Mum, (Kevan's wife, Marilyn), and Kev/Mar's new granddaughter, Sienna. This is my fave of all the family shots, showing the reunion of Sacha and Sienna with "baby Daddy" Mark, water polo player extraordinaire in Malta!

Sacha, Sienna (3-months-old), Mark in Malta - With parents as gorgeous as this, can you IMAGINE how Sienna will look when she grows up? Look out world! She's already adorable!!
Sacha, thanks for letting me share this fab fam portrait! Miss you all!

Now for a short exchange between musicians. Kinda funny.

The other day, street performer Dana Bolton (featured often on the blog), was asking me about Kevan.

He remembers him from the Rough Trade days and wanted to know how he's doing.

I told him he's whipping around in his wheelchair and improving daily. Whispered to Dana that I sneak Henkell bubbly into Kevio nightly to sparkle up his rehab dinners. Dana became very concerned and asked, "Is that ALLOWED? - Won't he get CAUGHT?" - FYI - Dana understands the importance of a fine beverage.

He embibes himself and is partial to Laker Lager - $1.75 per can).
I explained to Dana, "So far, so good. This is the ONE thing that only I CAN DO, and it's fun to share time with Kev in the process."
(See below, sneaky smuggling cuz Lain in a courtyard delivery).

So THEN what happened?? Well, the next visit to Kevio, he alerted me, "I got CAUGHT!!" Had to laugh. Kev went on to say a nurse told someone she could smell it on him!! Yikes. (And for anyone who worries he's on meds or something, he's not)! Kev takes NOTHING for pain, so that little bit of bubbly just takes the edge off his long and challenging days. At any rate, they didn't toss him out and I'll be there again tonight Kev, Henkell in hand. Cheers!

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At September 25, 2011 at 9:26 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' on Kevan.
He better be ascared! lol

At September 26, 2011 at 9:42 a.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...


At January 17, 2012 at 2:49 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I was curious about this cannon as well. Here you can read its story:

At March 28, 2012 at 4:06 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lain: you had a question about the cannon in Riverdale Park. This link to the Friends of Riverdale Park East blog might answer your questions. The specific information is in the second last paragraph of the posting. I enjoyed reading your blog today, by the way. Ed


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