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September 24/11.

Medical update.
Back at Princess Margaret Hospital on Friday for another follow-up appointment. And you KNOW what THAT means! Yep, irresistible-hot-sexy-faded-blue-hospital-gown-action all over again! - Well, at least I was still flaunting heels! (insert wild wolf whistle here)

And not a damn fashion stylist to be found in the hallways as usual! Gak. Whatever.

Showing off the legs means showing off the bruises. (I've really gotta stop moving furniture!!) It's exceedingly tough to sneak these auto-pics in 30 seconds or less before someone walks in. (actually, docs and nurses walked in THREE times, before I could finally secretly snap a forbidden shot!) - Hence, accidentally cutting off my head again. Great. - I desperately need to go for photography lessons!! ASAP!

Anyway, the radiation oncologist checked me out & says all looks good! We talked about upcoming visits for mammograms, possible ultrasounds or MRIs to keep a watch out for dreaded recurrence, which is what we want to avoid for life! The Tamoxifen is supposed to help with that too. I'll be on the drug for five years. Luckily for me, I've avoided ALL side effects from Tamoxifen. Won't go into graphic details. (look it up, check Tamoxifen side effects and you'll see what I DON'T have!!) Yay! I am lucky.

My usual, out front, hospital pic was snapped by a cool construction worker named Massimo. (that's his Coke can sitting there!) He interrupted his lunch hour to take the shot, while his pal, Ron, watched the "photo shoot". They wanted to know the blog address and what I was writing about and wished me good luck. Thanks guys!

Meanwhile, back on the homefront, tried to get going on the cleanup. Here are a couple of before/after shots.

Den before

Den after

Diningroom table before

Diningroom table after - (sadly, blurry, as I suck as a photog)

Kitchen before (not as bad as some of the other rooms!)

Kitchen after

The rest of the rooms in need of cleaning (which is ALL of them), will have to wait till next week.

If not, the TV tech crew from Hoarders will be knocking on my door any minute for an interview!

NEXT UP? - Kevio rehab update!!

My daughter, Kate came with me to see Kev, bring him some Henkell piccolos

and have a visit, but, he wasn't there yet. He was still at his office, working on music. So, instead,

we entertained Kev's fave roommate, Leo! (He was a bit shy, I think, having a "younger woman" sitting on his bed! Yikes!) - OK. LOL. Unfair, out-of-context pic! - I will tell you the TRUTH. Leo was concerned about his cold, so to protect me, covered his mouth. (But I like the FIRST explanation better)!! We were about to take off, eh, when Leo asked Kate and I if we could please go downstairs to the gift shop and buy him a bag of potato chips and a can of apple juice. He insisted on giving us a toonie and a loonie to pay for it, even though I wanted to buy these for him! Kate and I went to the lobby to get the goodies, and who should we rock & roll into on the way "home?"

RIGHT!! Kev and his "moon-walking" boots!! - (If Leo hadn't asked us to buy him the chips and juice, we would have missed Kevio altogether! Nice timing!!)

After saying good night to Kev, the evening was SO beautiful, decided to stroll the Bridgepoint grounds for a few minutes to check out the views.

Sunshine, gorgeous trees, squirrels,

really stunning! (P.S. - As for the cannon in the foreground, more details in the next entry).

After seeing Kev, drove off to the LCBO (to stock up on more Henkell for tomorrow). Ran into Dana - half of the musical east coast Bolton bros.

This was the first time I've ever seen Dana -

performing ALONE!

But seconds later, leather-hat-clad-bro Aubrey showed up to join Dana for some tunes. I was surprised to find out, my blog coverage of the "Bolton Bros" has inspired a fan club! THIS guy suddenly surfaced out of the blue,

begging Aubrey & Dana to play La Bomba! (They welcome requests and tried to accomodate)!


yet ANOTHER diehard fan jumped in between the two brothers to be part of the show! I've created a monster! I couldn't stop laughing. I always buy Aubrey & Dana each a beer, instead of donating cash.

They appreciate it, especially when it's HOT weather!!

They asked me to give their best regards to Kev, since they don't like knowing that a fellow musician is stuck in a wheelchair! NEXT blog entry, a communication between the Bolton Bros and Kevio!

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At September 25, 2011 at 1:15 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Elaine! Which LCBO is it that the Bolton brothers perform outside of? I'd love to see them. I watched your video of them performing "Farewell To Nova Scotia" and enjoyed it...made me nostalgic as I am from the East Coast myself. Do you know where it is that they are from?

Thanks for another entertaining post! Best of luck for your follow-up appointment.

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