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Last day of Rock Camp

August 12/11

Had the pleasure of attending the CITYARTS Rock Camp's final concert. This time, the location was moved from Sherbourne Street to the fabulous auditorium at the prestigious Crescent School around Bayview & Lawrence.

The school and the grounds - massive and very impressive.

Sadly, it was practically impossible to get good pics at the event. This is mainly because I am the worst photographer on the planet. I took SOOOOOOOOOOOO many stage shots, and this is the ONLY one that was useable, (and even IT is pretty horrendous), but at least, you can see Max drumming with a gang of rock campers on stage.

Max had SO much to do. Not only did he play drums impeccably, but also acted as roadie, tech assistant, moving man, and introed one of the bands. This was the BEST rock camp show I've EVER seen in all the years Max has been attending it. Congrats to all the kids and to Seraphim and the entire rock camp team for putting it together and making it happen. To see these kids in their glory, rocking the stage and loving every second was a pretty awesome feeling for me. I'm sure many other parents felt the same, but seems I'm the only one to really get emotional about it all. (gee, ya THINK??) What else is new, right? But truly, these kids are awesome.

Max (sticks still in hand), with the rock stars!

(left to right) - Daniel Jones (drummer), Max, the fabulous Carmen North (vocalist)

Max was SO happy to be reunited with the phenomenal Joe, (former CITYARTS counsellor). Joe was a young mentor for so many campers, unbelievably enthusiastic, not to mention, completely adorable.

Proud Mum with Max. (note, no Kleenex stuffed in my ears this time, however, I went through a pack of them during the show - especially when this one band did an UNBELIEVABLE version of Bohemian Rhapsody! - It was pretty much PERFECT!)

Adam Noble-Marks (bassist), Max and Joe!

Max with Seraphim Marcopoulos - the man behind CITYARTS rock camp. I would recommend this camp to ANYONE for next summer!!

And if you think I was crying when Max requested a group hug to say a final farewell to his rock camp pals, you would be right. The kids immediately fell in to accomodate his request, as they so care about him. Made my day here!!

One of the campers yelled out to Max and I to take a pic of them as they walked off into the sunset. So, we did. Sigh. Can't believe rock camp is over for another summer. Max had such a blast. So did I.

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