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New chapter

July 9/11.

A new kind of world is opening up today after closing the chapter on the hidey hole and Mum's house. The deal has gone through after a few glitches and snags and everything looks good.

I found "the day after" to be pretty tough, emotionally. I am drained.

Meanwhile, my radiation treatments will start on Tuesday afternoon.

Carrie and I both had very different things to do today. No more cleaning and packing. I decided to attend my son, Max's first summer show at rock camp and it was a blast!

First, Max played drums in a band called Obscure Reference.

Next, he acted as M.C. to introduce another band.

Max's good friend, Emmett (his bandmate in Basement Scene) played in a band too, - but I didn't even realize it was him, due to the wild mask he was wearing! (far right) This band? - Vertex and the Vertices.

I was surprised to see that both Max and Emmett made it to the front cover of the program for this week's rock camp shows! - Love this shot!
(left to right) - Layla, Emmett, Max, Adam, Elijah

Later, Max appeared in another band called Sean Connery's Polish Slapshot.

All the kids did an amazing job at the show, entertaining parents and friends. Max's drum teacher, Chris Lesso, is one of the teachers at the camp. He's a great guy, and I suddenly realized after five years, I don't have a single picture of him with Max. Now, I do!

Max & his drum teacher, Chris Lesso

After the show, had to get a picture with Max and his good pal Emmett (unmasked!) They are both such great kids!

Loved watching ALL the band members in action. Thanks to CityArts Rock Camp for the show!

While I was at rock camp, Carrie was also involved in a musical event! She's performing as a chorus member in The Very Very Best of Broadway show at the Black Creek Festival on Saturday night. Sam bought tickets for Kate & I to attend! The show features a host of stars including Martin Short. Our family has adored Marty since we first saw him in Godspell at the Bayview Playhouse many many years ago!

Marty and Carrie! Both SO cute!! - Kate & I will see you tonight at the show, from front row centre!! - Can't wait!

The musical director is Marvin Hamlisch.

Carrie is having an incredible experience working with Martin and Marvin, as well as the other stars, Raúl Esparza, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jane Krakowski. - You can always count on Marty to "give good photo!" - (click to enlarge).

Thought about the hidey hole several times throughout the day. Broke down a couple of times at home because it seems where EVER I look, there are piles of paperwork and other items either all about Mum or all about cancer. Didn't really want to think about either today, but can't seem to avoid them. At least Carrie and I both had distractions today.
Moving on!

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