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Victoria Day!

May 23/11

Every Victoria Day, I always remember my Grampa reciting in a "singsongy" voice:

"It's the 24th of May, it's the Queen's birthday,
If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away!"

One May in 1975 on his birthday at Century House, Grampa and I both dressed up as my favourite TV character, "Baretta" (Robert Blake) - unlit cigarettes and all - (just the way "Tony" used to do it!) I was CRAZY about my Baretta cap! (Remember that Carrie?) Grampa was the coolest! I recall saying to him here, (ala "Tony"), "I'm gonna put you in the SLAMMER! - And dat's de name of DAT tune!!"

(After glimpsing Grampa here, maybe you see where I got my lifelong flare for the dramatic!!)

Grampa (Arthur Burridge) on his 85th birthday - 1975 - We play "tough"

Robert Blake as "Tony Baretta"

This year, Victoria Day is the 23rd, but whatever the day, it's always nice to have a quiet holiday. No school, no running hither & thither, over hill & dale, up & down or even over yonder.

When I get the chance, I try to sit here, at our kitchen table, to write thoughts and create blog ideas. It's usually sunny and there's a great view to the ravine garden below. During the year I was hired as co-editor of an entertainment magazine, (2003-'04), pretty much every idea I ever came up with got shot down. That was fun. (not!) NOBODY seemed to like them! Whatever. But it's astounding that when you write your own blog, ANY and ALL ideas miraculously get accepted! (well, at least by ME! - Not sure how anybody ELSE feels about them!)

Our sunny kitchen - and cat, Tru in her bed

Closeup of Tru (short for Trudeau) - she's a Devon Rex

Tru likes to sit in the sun beside me and purr, while I write. (she leads a pretty boring existence I think).

Seems weird that only about three months ago, I had no inkling I was about to collide with cancer. Came across this photo today. It was taken less than two years ago, on the day Max graduated from Grade 8. Looking at it now, I just appear so naive and blissfully unaware of what lies ahead. It was a happy day.

Taken June 9/09 at Max's grade 8 graduation

Max looked very dapper and had dyed his hair bright rockin' red for the occasion. (nice match with the pants!)

Max (at 14) - daring red hair for grade 8 grad!

Nothing too exciting to report today. Will take Max to his drum lesson later. Probably pick up some groceries, and if it doesn't rain - will go watch the fabulous free community fireworks in Withrow Park. (I've always loved fireworks - in every sense of the word!) Fireworks get your heart racing. They're life-affirming. Spectacular, combustible, celebratory, loud, bright, beautiful, intense, explosive, exciting and a little bit dangerous! Whew!


I like to think this blog isn't just for me, but for others to discover. Before launching it, I happened upon many personal experience blogs and still follow a few of them. It's interesting to read about the journey of others, hear their stories and learn how they're coping with this bumpy road.

Some people may be able to relate to what I'm saying. Others, I'm quite sure, don't have a clue what the hell I'm talking about! And perhaps, one or two may even recognize when I'm aiming a special message, thought or zinger directly at them! Look out!

Talk to you again tomorrow, with whatever news comes my way.

(oh, and tonight, before going to the hospital tomorrow, I'll be spending my evening with ANOTHER doctor I'm just crazy about! HOUSE! Season Finale! Can't wait. Then it's off to the fireworks at 9!)

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