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Heading out again

May 25/11

I love listening to Mike Bullard's Beyond the Mic on NEWSTALK 1010.
He is simply hilarious. I try to catch his show from noon to one, every day, whether at home or out driving. He's really found his niche with his one hour show, (which he jokes, is about all anybody can't stand of him!) Never met the man, but have been addicted to Beyond the Mic since its debut last September. The way he puts words together - skewed, down-to-earth, punchy - pumps up the pizzazz in my day.

He's even got me revved for this afternoon's big appointment with the radiation oncologist. (and that's saying a lot for Mike's talent!) Keep it coming Mike. I need all the laughs I can get!

I HAVE to hear him say, "ITTTTTTTTTTT's FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY!" every week, or my Friday isn't complete!

Great. Now I want it to be FRIDAY. But it isn't. Oh well.

Heading off to Princess Margaret Hospital soon. Will listen to Jim Richards (also fantastically entertaining) on the way there. I'll admit, 1010 has turned me into a raging talk show junkie. (who knew?) I really miss the radio days and these guys make it seem like so much fun.

Jim Richards - cute shot

Will check in later with my results! (Ryan Seacrest, come on down. "We'll have those results for you - right AFTER the break"!!) - It'll be Scotty tonight, right?

A "full-length" version of the cropped denim pic I posted the other day

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