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What would I do without friends?

March 25/11

I love my friends. This whole experience has brought me closer to many of them (though I haven't even reached the SURGERY part yet!) Just being able to converse, vent, cry, laugh, rant, rave, is a help.

Couple of examples.
My best friends, Franelle and Joanne, both live in L.A.
When I told Joanne I will need to have radiation, she said,
"Too bad you don't live in California, with the air flow from Japan reaching us over the ocean, you could get the radiation for free"!!
(just a joke gang).

And Franelle, - not only is she an Emmy award winning comedy writer, (she wrote some of the BEST stuff Carol Burnett ever did!), and is perhaps the funniest woman I know, has also spent years working as office manager for various doctors. She is well informed about the medical world and also survived a terrible car crash, which left her in constant pain, so she knows ALL about meds!

Me with my best friend, Franelle Silver

I confessed my fears to her about pain following the upcoming surgery. She totally got that, and advised me, "Ask the doctors for the RX's ...not the nurses. And don't be afraid to be assertive!"

Another friend of mine, Karen, (we met when we were 11), has been a doctor in the U.S. for decades. She called me and spent almost an hour on the phone, hearing my tale of woe and advising on what I should do. She was rather shocked to hear I was told they would only give me Tylenol 3 after the breast surgery.

These women are phenomenal and I thank goodness they're my pals for life.
Love you all.

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