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Kate, Max and DRAKE!

March 3/11

My kids, Kate and Max are handling all this crap really well. (better than I am, that's for sure).
Today, Kate did her second performance at the Toronto Women's Bookstore. The first time she played there, it was mostly her own material, but she threw in her new version of Drake's rap song, "Best I Ever Had." Maybe some Mums wouldn't be thrilled with that, but I thought it was AMAZING. How she memorized all those fast-paced lyrics, I'll never know. She thought it was kind of funny to learn that the book shop crew would want her to play it again, (since you might think they hate mysogynistic men), but she does it so well! Here's one of her versions of the song, played at home.

As for Max, his drumming is fantastic. His band used to be called Gentlemen & the Jury, but they later changed the name to Basement Scene. One of my favourite drumming performances was in December '09 when his band played Holly Jolly Christmas at the Riverdale Share Concert. Max is just so much fun to watch in action.

These two incredible kids, Kate and Max are the main reasons I want to live!

Oh, and P.S. - lead singer Emmett Webb and bassist Charles Wilson are also two of the best and most talented kids you could ever hope to meet!

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