Lain's Log

Core needle biopsy

March 1/11

My appointment is scheduled for 11 a.m. Sweet Sam came with me. At the office, the nurse called me over to whisper to me that Dr. Korb had received my letter (re: fear of pain) and that he would do everything he can to make it comfortable for me. The radiologist's report said I have a "solid lump of dense tissue/possible nodule." Once called in, and dressed in a gown, I was asked to lie down on the examination table, slightly on my left side, right breast exposed. Bernie, (not the doc), came in to "prep me", telling me what to expect. Good man. Then Dr. Korb entered, told me he got my letter. I said, "Guess you think I'm a real wimp." He told me no, and that lots of women feel this way. He said he would put the Lidocaine in 'nice and slow,' (which made me think he may actually have READ the article I delivered re: proper - slow, use of Lidocaine!) I asked if he would be using "the gun" for this procedure. He said yes, and that he would show me how it sounds so I wouldn't jump when I hear it. He popped it once for me. It didn't sound too bad. Then he used a needle to administer the Lidocaine. A little pinch. Not bad at all. He told me he would be taking three tissue samples. It took a few minutes to get all three. I was so happy and relieved because I didn't feel ANY pain. I asked the doc if there was any way he could expedite the wait time for results. He said he would try. Minutes later, I was dressed and back in the waiting room with Sam.

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