Lain's Log

The waiting game

March 2/11

Breast very sore and bruised from the biopsy. Taking Ibuprofen, as suggested by Dr. Korb. So happy it's over and am hopeful about the results. I continue to think about my Mum. Oh how I wish she could be here with me to share in this experience and talk with me about it. She was always the most sympathetic person. I miss her every day, cry often and sometimes wonder if I will EVER feel better about her loss. My beautiful sister-in-law, Carolyn, lost her own sister to breast cancer in December of 2009. She once told me you don't ever get over a devastating loss like this, but you just have to learn to live with the hole in your life. (I'm still trying).

Thank goodness for my kids, who fill the house with music and laughter and keep me distracted. I sent some prayers up to Mum, Uncle Ev, Gram and Gramp, asking them to watch over me and send me positive vibes. When I saw the bright sunshine today, I imagined, perhaps they were answering. (they certainly must have done something to pave the way for the painless biopsy procedure yesterday!) Keeping fingers crossed for good news.



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