Lain's Log

The Cool Down

August 10/12.

After weeks of sweating it out without an upstairs ductless air conditioner during a major heat wave, finally got it! Sears was supposed to install it days earlier (which sure would have been appreciated in these sweltering temps), but the model was out of stock. Now the LG is in and all systems are go. Wasn't easy though. Took four guys from 10 a.m. till 4:45 p.m. to rip the old one out and get this one up and running.


To accomplish their goal, tarps had to be laid down,

all throughout the house to protect the carpeting.

The outdoor unit was so huge,

it had to be hoisted up with ropes,

to the third floor flat deck,

since it couldn't possibly fit through Max's bedroom window! Gak.

After much effort, yay! It's in place! (The guys were none too happy about the logistics).

Next came the indoor unit between the second and third floors.

It had to be torn down.

Leaving quite a messy looking wall!

Meanwhile, ladders were brought in to make the changeover to

copper refrigeration tubing, bringing things up to proper standards.

Then it was out with the dead 14-year-old "Mr. Slim" unit,

and in with the LG Inverter V! Works great for the second floor, but as suspected, (with the concept of heat rises), does little to cool the third floor bedrooms, which still require electric fans to allow for sleeping. But at least the second floor is no longer blisteringly hot! Whew. The Sears guys even vacuumed the carpets before taking off.

Earlier in the week, Kate went to see Paul Taylor,

intrepid master hair stylist at I 'N I salon before he took off for his holiday to Peru to visit Machu Picchu.

Now she's got her gorgeous dark colour back!! And it looks great from every angle!

Sam and I had a special dinner at The Keg Mansion on Jarvis Street after receiving a generous gift card from an unexpected source! It started pouring rain, so I didn't even get to have my picture taken outside.

I forgot what an elegant place it is to dine,

with interesting views everywhere you turn.

Inside, I saw a pretty candelabra made up of tiny tea lights. They flickered in the breeze. So pretty I wanted to take it home!

(Instead, I took home delicious leftovers from the prime rib and shrimp dinner)!

Today, Kate and I 

went to see the new Meryl Streep/Tommy Lee Jones movie, Hope Springs

at The Beach Theatre. (Little did we know, Queen Street East was torn apart, so we had to take a detour, but luckily we left early enough not to miss the beginning of the film)!

Hope Springs sure touches some nerves and had me laughing and crying, (sometimes at the same time). Terrific performances. Meryl can break your heart with just a look,

and moments later, have you giggling.

I get the feeling many couples will relate to this flick in a big way. Cheers! 
(P.S. - Have NO idea why blogger insisted on changing my font for this entry from normal, to dark, to teeny tiny. Ai Carumba. Technology!)

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