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New job? New look? Party on!

August 1/12.

Where'd July go? Gone in the blink of an eye. Can't believe in just over a month, kids will be back to school. I always HATED Labour Day night. Cried every year on that evening because I was petrified of the future. (Fear of the unknown has always done me in). My late Mum would tell me, "Lainey, there comes a time for COURAGE!"- Hey, SOUNDS good, Mum, but it never worked! I always cried myself to sleep and had to be FORCED out the door in the morning!

The only time things changed was when I went off to college and fell in love with Seneca & the amazing gang of students and teachers there. After the first day, couldn't WAIT to get to class and learn about TV/radio/film/theatre/PR. You mean we get to talk about Bonanza and the Ponderosa today?? Yippee ki yay!

And I can get a diploma for talking TV? Unbelievable.

Never knew Seneca would lead to 18 years at Global TV, interviewing Tom Selleck,

Christopher Plummer,

and Robin Williams! Those were really fun days. Looks like I may have the chance to do a few more interviews coming soon. We'll see!

In the meantime, my parents-in-law, Ben and Jean Bornstein, (and other family members) have been rolling with wild games of caregiver musical chairs - ladies going AWOL, finding and interviewing new ones plus other health issues. Getting older is tough enough without these monkey wrenches tossed into the mix!

Last week, Sam and Kate had fun on a two-day trip to NYC!

They stayed at the Edison Hotel right near the ever-crowded Times Square.

Kate enjoyed shopping. This dress was among her purchases. They had fun buying things on Canal Street.

The Book of Mormon was the show she chose to see on her own. It was completely sold out.  Sam took off to see the Lindbergh musical, Baby Case. (the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case is his    

Then together, they attended the final emotional performance of A Streetcar Named Desire, (which even brought tears to the eyes of tough guys who shall remain nameless!)

They came home to Toronto with tons of trinkets and many memories. Nothing like New York!

Meanwhile, I stayed home with Max to look after the really exciting stuff at the house. When Max brought home a giant speaker in a massive box, we tried to crush and rip it up for the recycling bin, but darned if it wasn't the strongest cardboard box in the history of the world. Even wearing boots and jumping on it, I couldn't break it down. Max and I ended up having to tear it into shreds which took forever.

When I wasn't attending doctor's appointments, grocery shopping or transporting kids from here to there, I was hanging out with my lifelong friend, Joanne Silver, visiting from L.A. I took her back to our old stomping grounds at 100 Roehampton where we used to share an apartment many years ago. Found out a one bedroom there now rents for about $1100 a month. (When we were there, it was under $400)!

On her last full day, we had breakfast downtown at Marche. I had a fabulous raspberry crepe with syrup and a cup of Earl Grey tea. Really good!

Her sister, Val was with us. (they both got the memo to wear white t-shirts!)

Later on, had to wish a fond farewell to Joanne as she headed off for the airport to fly home. Wahhhhhhhh. We said au revoir at the Church and Queen Green P parking lot. I hate goodbyes.

So does Joanne!

Also got to attend our great friend, Franc Mosbaugh's milestone birthday party held for him by his talented sister, Mary, (standing on right). She outdid herself with the fabulous food.

And the cake was gorgeous! (sorry Franc, but it gives away your age!)

My sister, Carrie and her son Lee, were unable to attend Franc's bash, since they were away in Lewiston New York for a baseball tournament, so it was unusual to be at the party with her boyfriend, Paul Nodwell! Got the chance to catch up with him about the bear that attacked their northern campsite recently!

They're lucky to have escaped with their lives!

Franc spent some time Skyping with relatives who couldn't come to the party. He told everyone he didn't feel a day over sixty (because he WASN'T a day over 60....yet! ha ha!) - MY Skype has gone on strike and won't work at all!! I need a computer geek to fix it. SO frustrating not to be able to talk to people!

One guest brought these cute lamb sugar cookies as a contribution!
(I brought wine - what else?)

Franc's partner, Robert (centre) baked up his special Cornish pasties, which were so delectable. He was joined by his Dad and step Mum (left) in the back yard.

Thanks, Mary, for being the hostess with the mostest!!!!

And finally made it back to Paul Taylor, hair master extraordinaire at the I 'N I salon. Arrived with my usual raggedy rats nest of so-called hair.

Paul is set to take a trip to Peru soon, so he's been busy cramming in customers before he leaves. He came in early on Tuesday morning to mix up colours just for me!

It was so early, the laundry guy hadn't even delivered the clean towels and gowns yet, so Paul brought me his own personal cloth gown with velcro closings. So cool. But I looked like Hannibal Lecter, about to be carted off! (kinda FELT that way too).

Got the foils for lowlights.

Always a charming look.

But in the end, - voila! Every hair back in place and colour the way I like it. Thanks for everything Paul!

Have a safe trip and will see you the day after you get back for the NEXT colour and cut! Can't wait to hear about your Machu Picchu adventures! (only wish I could hire you as my personal stylist so you could do my hair every day! I know, I know, you've heard that a million times before from clients!)

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