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Sailing soon!

June 29/12.

I'm so excited.
After all the angst and emotion of late, (family illnesses, hospital visits, anxiety), my old friend, jazzman extraordinaire Jaymz Bee (91.1 FM) invited me to go sailing on Saturday afternoon (June 30th), with some Lake Ontario-loving pals of his. The above pic was taken last summer at the jazz club, Dominion on Queen,

 at a dynamic Don Francks concert! 

I've loved Don since I first saw him in Finian's Rainbow (1968), - here with the stunning Petula Clark. Strangely, the film happened to air on TV (TCM) last night and I tuned in just in time to catch Old Devil Moon,

my fave number in the film. Sigh. Somebody bring me a fan! These two were frickin' HOT!

Today I was back at Princess Margaret Hospital for a check up. The doc wants to know how I'm doing on Abilify. Some days it helps stress and anxiety. Other days, it adds to it. Hard to tell. Playing with the dosage to see what we can come up with.

Meanwhile, since I was on the 16th floor, stopped by the pretty Max Tanenbaum Garden way above the city.

A nice sunny spot for patients to visit to get a break from cancer treatment.

Then got off the elevator at the 7th floor to check out this setting. I think it's a dance floor. Not sure.

So many places to explore at this hospital.

You never know what you might see!

Also checked out the inspirational board, as always, which told me, There is no truth in fear. (good to know!)

I had lunch at the hospital Druxy's restaurant - ham and cheese on 12-grain bread and a lemonade. (Trying to put on a few pounds and get back up to 100 again)!

When I wasn't running on the track - (or falling and skinning my knees, as you see here), I wore a couple of new dresses from Urban Planet. A white floral one to match the flowers behind me,

and a turquoise one. Couldn't decide which I liked better, so bought both - great sale. My Mum-in-law did not approve. She isn't happy about what Woody Allen called in Annie Hall, VPL (visible panty line). Told her if she preferred, I could ditch the panties ALTOGETHER and pull a Madonna look, but she wasn't impressed with that idea either! Alrighty then.

At one point, gave up on dresses, grabbed some black pants and a t-shirt, 

rushed off to Gerrard Square for the Chinese food my family loves so much.

Caught up with my musical blog mascot Aubrey Bolton who serenaded me! (as always),

and brought home some Haagen Dazs peanut butter and jam ice cream. (not MY cup of tea, but everyone else seemed to love it!)

Tomorrow? Jaymz says we'll pick up snacks from Rabba Fine Foods and then take off from Queen's Quay to go sailing.

Jaymz never fails to have a great time! (hey, wonder WHY??) Should I be bringing a bathing suit?

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