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Yard sales & passports & birds, oh my!

June 10/12.

After more than three weeks away from running due to my ankle injury, finally back on track with brand new proper footwear! Saucony shoes.

I was breaking them in here on Friday afternoon on one of the pretty trails in Riverdale Park.

Had the track all to myself.

It's amazing how such a gorgeous, spacious piece of green land in the heart of downtown Toronto, can sometimes be completely empty.

It's often as though I have my own private park!

On the way back home after the 400 metre run, and another 400 metre walk (trying to start back into it SLOWLY),

spotted my favourite tree house, way up in the branches of a big tree on Sparkhall Avenue.

I've always wanted to jump the fence and climb up there, but never have. Maybe someday!

Later on, (now that my PVR is finally fixed), I sat down to watch Murdoch Mysteries. I recorded the season 5 premiere. My mother-in-law loves the show, but I've only ever seen one episode, so decided to check out our handsome Canuck actor Yannick Bisson in action again.

For some reason, I really got into this one, which was shot in Dawson City in the Yukon. The story was all about panning for gold. (well, the fortune in my cookie last week said I would find a pile of gold this week, and I did!) Entertaining episode!

Our next door neighbours were preparing for a yard sale,

as my son, Max, strolled home from an afternoon of busking on the Danforth.

He stopped at their house to play them an original tune. It was a love song I'd never heard before,

written especially for his lovely girlfriend, Robyn!

One of Rita's signs even advertised that the house itself was for sale! (Anyone want a great old home on one the loveliest streets in Riverdale)?

(and I can guarantee the neighbours next door - i.e., us, - are great! ha ha)

On Saturday, Kate, Max and I were on the way to have our photos taken for new passports. We saw birds  on a wire, hanging out together for a party (and a bird's eye view of the city).

Really reminded me of this memorable scene in the Hitchcock flick,

which is on my list of top 10 fave movies.

At any rate, we looked fairly "normal" on the way into Wong's photo shop to have the pix taken for passports.

Yet, this is how the shots turned out. Gak! Kate looks pretty good, but Max and I? Egad! Mug shot alert! Be on the lookout for this trio who may have robbed a bank recently, (or stumbled upon a pile of gold someplace,

 according to fortune cookies beyond our control)!

Meanwhile, all the rain we've had lately has left our fabulous backyard looking gorgeous

 and lush! Just stunning!

As for the FRONT yard, ever since our gardeners took off on us a few weeks ago, it's turned into an overgrown mess....(can barely even SEE my new shoes for all the long grass and weeds!), but they've decided to return on Thursday, so it will all be neatened up and under control again in a few days! Yay!

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