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July 6/12.

Seems these blog entries are becoming weekly throughout the summer. (Long hot days appear to bring out the laziness in me when it comes to writing)!

My beautiful daughter, Kate, marched at the beginning of the annual Pride Parade on Sunday afternoon. Her Youth Line was the honoured group this year, so they got to be at the front of the festivities! (that's Kate on the far right in the blue skirt).

Here's a shot of the whole gang, (Kate, standing, right in the middle). It was a sweltering hot day and they all danced throughout the march, so they were baking when they got home! Their shirts say, Call Me Maybe? Great slogan for the Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line!

Congrats everyone! Terrific turnout - both within your own group and on the crowded streets of downtown Toronto! (Kate on far left).

Kate also took part in the Dyke March on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I had the chance to do something I haven't done in decades. Go sailing! My old friend Jaymz Bee (of 91.1 Jazz FM) invited me to join him on the Incommunicado, (which means, 'Turn off your cells!") - a 33 foot C & C. Perfect for a Canada Day cruise! - (actually it was June 30th - but close enough!)

Jaymz cycled down to Queen's Quay from Toronto City Hall where he'd been working, and met up with me

at Rabba Fine Foods where we bought some snacks and drinks for the four-hour trip.

Inside, the boat is comfy and functional,

and Jaymz is the host with the most! (and no, we didn't really drink Scotch! He was just showing off this fancy, expensive, years-old liquor).

I was allowed to stand at the wheel for a few seconds before take off! My skirt bathing suit seemed the most appropriate attire for the day. It turned out to be the right choice, 

as the other ladies who joined us also wore bathing suits or sarongs! It was a pleasure to meet the lovely Jessica, Kirsten and Emma Pelchat 

as well as Deborah Sheuneman (mother of Jessica and bride-to-be, Kirsten, and mother-in-law of Emma), posing here with Jaymz and Captain Paul Barbour! (Deb later lost the black hat, - which belonged to Jessica, in a gust of wind, right into the water, gone forever).

Captain Paul, (of - plug plug!) took us all over Lake Ontario,

for the very best views of the city skyline,

and the perfect kind of blue sky and white clouds that Jaymz described as

Music? Of course! Jaymz played us his latest CD,

Bonzai Suzuki, much of written and performed by him (along with many other special guests).

(My fave song? - AWKWARD! - what else? 
It's funny and explicit!) Cheers!

We all enjoyed snacks, kindly prepared by the Pelchat girls, (although some of the delectables ended up being blown onto the floor during a gust of wind), - "Five second rule" applies!!.

Jaymz (as always), enjoyed the ladies,

and was shocked when we spotted

a company of commerants convening in trees on the Leslie Spit! Wow!

Later, when the wind suddenly picked up,

I unexpectedly got bonked in the head with the boom! Man, that really hurts!

Jaymz was most upset by the occurence!

My saviour (new friend Deborah), grabbed a sundress, filled it with ice from the cooler and had it on my head lickety-split, (within 45 seconds), saving me from a goose egg, leaving only a small bump and bruise. Thanks Deb! - Next time, I'll know where to sit to avoid getting hit!

The noggin' bonk didn't happen till AFTER I did a fun interview with Jaymz on my Sony digi-recorder at the front of the boat. Nice place for a chat. 

Will transcribe and put it up someplace so people can read some of his unique views on how to enjoy life to the fullest and feel like King of the World every day!!

I hated to go back to shore, but apparently, all good things must come to an end. Drat. Thanks to Jaymz, Captain Paul, Deborah, Jessica, Kirsten and Emma for a fabulous time!

A day or two after sailing, it was time to gas up the car,

and head for Jennifer Porritt's I N' I hair salon at 559 Bloor Street West. Jen and her friend, Paul Taylor have been doing my hair (and my daughter, Kate's hair) for almost 20 years! Both Jen and Paul are master stylists!

I arrived at the salon in sorry shape.

As usual, Paul tried to be polite, but always knows he has his work cut out for him (ha ha) when I come
a callin'! Yikes.

He mixes up colour for roots and lowlights (which makes for such a pretty picture!)


But two and a half hours later, it's well worth the time and trouble to have everything back in place!

Paul posed with me on the salon rooftop to show off the "outcome". I feel much better now! Only trouble is, Paul is going on a rather exotic trip soon and my next appointment isn't till August 24th. Can my hair hold out till then? The saga continues!

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