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June 15/12.

Days racing by faster than a speeding bullet again lately. Bought a Lotto Max ticket for tonight's draw at Luke's, my favourite neighbourhood convenience store on Logan Avenue. (Winning a fortune sure would be fun). I'm wearing a new top I bought a few weeks ago at H & M.

Didn't realize it at the time, but now I'm convinced I fell for the shirt because it reminded me

of this Marilyn Monroe polka dot dress! (only wish I knew how to model the way SHE did!)

When I got home,

discovered my son, Max was practicing a scene from The Odd Couple with his girlfriend, Robyn in the kitchen! (part of a culminating project for school during this last week of grade 11). Max was playing the role of slobby Oscar Madison and Robyn was helping him out by taking on the part of the fastidious Felix Unger.

Since Jack Lemmon has always been my fave actor, I've seen the 1968 movie SOOOOOOOOOOO many times. I knew every word Max and and Robyn were reciting and I even got a chance to take a shot at the scene with Max. - "Let it be on YOUR head!" (the next day, Max's teacher said their performance was "Very strong!" Yay)!

This week, I've bounced back and forth from running the track or walking the trails at Riverdale Park every day,

sometimes doing exercises in the shade of all the trees,

to shopping in the hot summer sun at Gerrard Square for groceries, Father's Day gifts

and a new Jabra bluetooth earpiece for my iPhone, bought for me by Sam. I've run through 5 of these babies (all different makes) over the last 5 or 6 years and every single one of them has given me trouble. They always seem to cut out altogether at the most inconvenient times. Thought this one would operate well, but seems it's actually an iPhone problem, so they have to exchange my phone to allow this thingamajig to work! Getting the new phone tomorrow.

Every week, I also spend some fabulous quality time, compacting garbage or recycling in the massive bins. There's never enough room, so I have to jump on it. Neighbours must think I'm outta my mind, (and they'd be partially right I think).

After all that jumping, was ready to head back to the park to run again.

Still haven't been able to get back up to five laps since my ankle injury. Can only do two (800 metres), but I'll get there one of these days.

Then, it was off to Azure Production on the Danforth,

to pick up my long awaited voice-over demo discs and pics. It's been almost four months since I recorded the demo at the TA2 Studio. Took weeks before I received a finished product and now, they're ready to be sent out. Used a couple of shots taken at the sound board and in the recording booth.

 Who knows? Maybe I can actually get some voice work!

Later, dropped in on my sister, Carrie, to give her a present. A new Prickles the Porcupine puppet!

Of course she's going to keep the original, (but the poor little guy has been through the mill during the Stella the Squirrel escapades). Carrie says the "new guy" can be Prickle's bro! Alrighty then!

In case anyone missed out on the Prickles and Stella events, here's one of the many episodes Carrie shot and edited featuring the creatures. In this one, Prickles becomes a babysitter!


And if you never saw the "Stella gives birth" episode, here it is. You can hear Carrie's gorgeous singing voice in the background during her original song "Mother Son". The song also features Carrie's nephew, Lief Mosbaugh. GREAT, heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies. I am so proud of my sis for everything she does. (Hey PNo! - you sure know what I mean, right)??

Cayr was just back from a long trip to New York State with her son Lee (soon to turn 17). They were off to a weekend baseball tournament. It was a ton 'o driving for her, but she got there safely and Lee's team wrapped up the two days with three WINS and one loss.

They celebrated by taking over a restaurant for dinner. That's Lee, second kid on the left side, in grey. Congrats gang on the well-played games!

And congratulations also to the parents and family members who got the kids there and cheered them on. GREAT job. Carrie is on the right, holding up her celebratory glass of wine! Cheers!

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